Anthony Rapp Is Injured: Curtis Holbrook to Fill In As

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Anthony Rapp is injured and Curtis Holbrook will take over his role temporarily.

Anthony Rapp
Updated On: 7/9/14 at 06:18 PM
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I love Curtis. I'd go back for him.
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How long is "Several Weeks"? I'm seeing the show mid-august and don't want to miss him.
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Rapp tweeted that he blew out his ACL. I wouldn't plan on seeing him in mid-August.
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if he actually blew out his ACL, that's a serious injury. we're talking multiple months... not multiple weeks.
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Interesting. I'm seeing If/then on Sunday.
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I'm seeing the show tomorrow. Saw the show twice with Anthony and thought he was great. Excited to see Curtis. Kind of wishing Jackie is on as well...
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I saw Curtis on the 4th and he was wonderful, those seeing him shouldn't be disappointed in the least.
Did this happen during the If/Then vs. Les Mis softball game?
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How long is "Several Weeks"? I'm seeing the show mid-august and don't want to miss him.

"Several weeks" is however long it takes for him to recovery enough to safely return to the show. There probably isn't an exact return date in place at this point.
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