Question About Selling Newsies Prop on Ebay

Hi all,
I have a baseball bat prop from Newsies signed by the whole cast. How much would be reasonable to list it for? I want to sell it ASAP (aka don't want to leave it on eBay for months waiting for someone to agree to pay a steep price), but also don't want to give it away for less than it's worth…any ideas based on other people's prop selling or Newsies memorabilia selling/buying experiences? Thanks a lot!
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For that item, I can't imagine getting more than $20 for it, $50 if you're lucky.

I suggest eBay. Not sure how else you can sell something like that.
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Great, thank you!!!
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I 'd say start the bidding at 20.00 and see what happens.
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I always start my bids at 99 cents. It is better to start low and let the market drive it up, since you then get multiple people getting e-mails that they were outbid, that the item is still available, etc. There is a psychological component you engage when you make it more of a competition, and starting low gets more people in the running to "win."

Whenever I start prices at what I want to make, with rare exception, I only get slightly more than that. This is especially true for an item like this where the value is really determined by the buyers.

Usually, though, when a series of people start outbidding each other early, it will stop and seem like it hit its max. That is rarely true. Usually it means, they don't want things to go crazy, so they will all come back and go crazy in the last minute or so, often with great results for the seller.

When you sell on eBay, you need to disengage from "worth," since you already don't want to keep it, so it isn't worth all that much to you. Just be sure to mention all of the terms that people might search on: Disney, based on the Christian Bale movie, Jeremy Jordan from Smash, etc., but just make it flow naturally so eBay doesn't remove it for keyword spamming.
^ Great advice, thanks a lot! Will definitely keep all that in mind…appreciate all the insight!
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Bwaybwaygirl- i sent you a PM about buying the prop!