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If/Then Understudies
Posted: 5/22/14 at 03:49pm
I know Jackie went on a few times in the past week, but does anyone know if any other understudies have gone on yet? I'm also thinking this Elizabeth needs a second (or first) understudy. I know Jenn Colella covers Elizabeth but it's a huge role...

Anyone else think Jessica Phillips could be a great Elizabeth??
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If/Then Understudies
Posted: 5/22/14 at 04:13pm
Jessica Phillips needs to work more period. I think she'd be a superb Elizabeth, hell I think she'd be a great Donna in Mammia Mia too! Just get her on the boards!
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If/Then Understudies
Posted: 5/22/14 at 04:45pm
In case anybody was wondering here's a video of Jackie Burn's singing Always Starting Over. (And before anybody tells me to delete it, the description says nothing about not posting it anywhere, like the other audio.)
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If/Then Understudies
Posted: 5/22/14 at 05:39pm
Jessica Philips needs to be in this or just more work overall! she is an awesome performer and I feel she is the best Diana from N2N!! as for Jenn Colela I don't think she has the vocal power for Elizabeth!
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If/Then Understudies
Posted: 5/22/14 at 06:53pm
^ Have you listened to "All Falls Down" from Chaplin? She has the vocal power.

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