Meet the Muellers, Our Future Broadway Overlords

The New York post published a lovely, warm, funny article tonight about the Mueller family and their Broadway gigs. It's just too cute and how very awesome for all of them to have such success! Very interested to see Abby in Kinky Boots and Andrew in Peter before it closes now.


Updated On: 12/24/13 at 09:30 PM
Jason Danieley posted this on his facebook today and absolutely loved reading it! They're like the Incredibles, but instead of saving the world theyre saving Broadway!
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I've been fans of them (all four siblings and their parents) for quite a while--before slowly moving to New York, they were commonly thought of as the first family of Chicago theatre. One of my favorite shows I've seen was a production of Merrily We Roll Along with Jessie as Mary and Andrew in the ensemble, though later taking over as Charlie. And I know many people who loved seeing Jessie and Abby play opposite each other as Adelaide and Sarah Brown in Guys & Dolls. They're all unbelievably talented, and I'm glad they're getting properly recognized. It's important to note, though, that they didn't just spring up out of nowhere as so many seem to think--they've been doing very well-respected work for years and years.
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How awesome is it to see a supportive family in the arts succeeding? So happy for them and I wish them all more and more success. Jessie is crazy talented.
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Andrew is wonderful in "Peter..." and he is a very cool guy.
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