'Wicked' breaks Chicago box-office record

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"The producers of “Wicked” said Monday afternoon that the popular musical grossed a whopping $1,935,432 in Chicago for the week ending Dec. 1. That figure, likely the highest-ever single week gross for a Chicago show, breaks the Broadway in Chicago house record."

This is the third (or fourth?) time the show has been through town and it's STILL packing them in- impressive!
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Or Tweens with disposable income.
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Or all of the above.
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I won the lotto yesterday and saw this in Chicago - I was impressed how packed it was for a Tuesday night show. Good show - was iffy on Gambatese going in, but she was solid.
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..all that money for that crappy show! Well ok, glad it pleases those it pleases and theatre going is alive and well.
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I just got out of the theater and was charmed and dazzled by the show as always. Curt Hansen is a fantastic Fiyero.
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Makes me wonder why the sit down there ever closed in the first place.

Well, actually, I know why, but I wonder if Broadway in Chicago is regretting it, given that the other big shows they've hoped would be successful there weren't as successful as Wicked.

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I was devastated when the Chicago sit down closed.... but that is because I was a bartender for BIC and the amount of money I made tending bar (especially when in the orchestra) was insane!