Amazing images of Broadway stars in summer stock...

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Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know I posted a new gallery of images from the glory days of summer stock theatre. Click on the link below to see rare photos of Jane Powell, Margaret Whiting, John Raitt, Kurt Peterson, Swen Swenson, Lois Hunt, Earl Wrightson, Mimi Hines, Phil Ford, Jaye P. Morgan, Keith Prentice and Howard Keel. All of these pictures were supplied by Betty Ann (Carlton) Weiss, who performed at both Melody Top Theatre locations in the mid-1960s. Enjoy!
Betty Ann Carlton's Photo Gallery

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Such great photos! Thanks for sharing. Love seeing Mimi Hines all glam. Wonderful stuff.
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That website is a treasure. My parents grew up in Milwaukee but left in 1951 for San Francisco, where I was born. We used to go back to Milwaukee every few summers to visit and I remember reading the Melody Top ads in the morning Sentinel and begging my parents to take me to a show. I'm sure they were mortified that their 9 year old son was eager to see Margaret Whiting in CALL ME MADAM, when all my cousins were more interested in seeing the Braves play, and they never did take me. Seeing what I now missed makes me so sad, but the stories on the website are the next best thing to being there. Thanks for the link!
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Great photos! Those snapshots give a lovely sense of what it was like in tent theatre summer stock. Jane Powell looks great, as does that very young Tommy Tune--but I think I was most impressed by Mimi Hines looking gorgeous. Star-driven summer stock was such great fun, but I'm not sure what stars would be willing or able to do it today.
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Thanks for the great response! So far, over 2,000 people have looked at Betty Ann's pictures. She will be very pleased to know so many people enjoyed her gallery.