Bernadette Peters and Cyrille Aim?e to Lead Stephen Sondheim & Wynton Marsalis' A BED AND A CHAIR: A NEW YORK LOVE AFFAIR

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Jordan Catalano
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What exactly is this show? I've heard it talked about aimce forever but I don't have a clue what it actually is.
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It is a musical "event" Jordan. That is all we are supposed to need to know. LOL.

While I genuflect at the mere mention of either Sondheim or Peters, I definitely would want to know more before plunking down $200 for an orchestra seat.
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Are tickets even on sale? Is it sold out? Every time I go to the City Center website, it says tickets are not currently available.
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Tickets are on sale, you just may be hitting a date/seat selection that has nothing available (?). I just purchased a ticket this morning for my visit to NYC in Nov. Did not know about this and saw this entry on the Message Board and said GO FOR IT.

Got a decent seat too - Mezz side row B. Have only been in this venue once before for Bells Are Ringing Encores! event. LOVED the event space and LOVED that I got to see an Encores! production on one of my visits.

Hope this is good, with Sondheim and Peters how can you go wrong??!! (Yes, I love both of them).
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Has Bernie sang jazz before? I mean when this was announced, and given Marsalis' being co-credited, I thought it was meant to be jazz versions of Sondheim.
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Good to hear that Bernadette is active in the NYC concert scene *cough announce her as Mrs Lovett already*.
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So, I gather it's a concert... Staged concert?

Should we expect to see more "Broadway names" up there?

'Cause, I've seen Bernadette before. I adore her, and coincidentally, jazz ... BUT, I'm not paying the dough if it's only her from the MT world.
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