Sending letters to stage door question

Sending letters to stage door question
Posted: 12/31/12 at 09:25pm
When mailing stage door letters to a few people, i forgot to include a self addressed stamped envelope. Will they still reply? Have you ever gotten a reply like that?
And have you ever gotten replies from these people, and in how long -
Michael Cerveris - Evita
Elena Roger - Evita
Max Von Essen - Evita
Hugh Panaro - Phantom
Matthew Broderick - Nice Work If You Can Get It
Also (I'm sorry i have a lot of questions mailing stage door is kinda new to me) has anyone ever asked the whole cast of Evita in a letter to sign a whole playbill? Some have for other shows and succeeded. If so, please tell me how and how long it took.
Thank you so much.
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Sending letters to stage door question
Posted: 12/31/12 at 10:05pm
I would say that your chances of getting return post are greatly diminished without the envelopes.
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Sending letters to stage door question
Posted: 12/31/12 at 11:46pm
They'll get to it when they get to it. There is no specific time frame. And if you forgot a self-addressed stamped envelope, they probably won't reply. Sorry.
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I sent to Elena and Hugh and received replies from both. Elena took about 2 weeks, and Hugh took almost a year. Those were both with SASE's
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I sent to Evita stage manager asking for full cast and they sent me back a typed letter saying If I donated money ($20 I believe) to BCEFA I would send one back
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Actors need the SASEs because they can't be running to the post office and paying out of pocket for fan requests. No time for that. Even with SASEs there's no guarantee. Chances are you won't hear back. Bigger stars with agents and assistants, maybe. Stage actors prob not.
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