Stars' Political Views

Stars Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 11:53am
I wonder if todays entertainers, including those in Theater ever heard what Johnny Carson once said... paraphrasing... "My political views are private, no matter the issue, why turn off half your audience before you even get started"

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Stars Polical Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 12:04pm
The sad truth is that there is not "one right answer." The best candidates all have one issue that you won't agree with them on, and the worst candidates have one thing where you do have to say "Homie has a point."

Unfortunately, the political climate created mainly by the pundits and the "spun news" genre creates an aisle that isn't possible to cross or reach across. You're on one side alone, and there's no commiseration with the other.
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Stars Polical Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 12:08pm
Most (not all) actors and artists tend to lean left and be liberal. This seems pretty much a given in Hollywood (and my experience in NYC was about the same). I think we all, myself included, tend to assume that we all are liberal and thus post messages that support this. I can see how that would be annoying to someone on the other side of things. That said, all my non entertainment friends/family are posting political stuff and I see no reason why artists should have any less a voice than anyone else.

I think that you may be taking this a bit too personally, though it's easy to do. People get excited about their candidate (on both sides). That said, I still have the same respect for my friends who voted for the other guy yesterday. We just disagree about who we voted for. The celebrities you mention don't know you and therefore don't hate (or have really any opinion of you). If you are that bothered by someone's differing views, than don't follow their career or seed their work. But in my opinion, might as well just agree that you don't agree politically and then move on with your life.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 12:12pm
Why am i going to support someone who thinks this about me?

Too late. You have been.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 01:57pm

just saying, i wouldnt want to alienate half of my potential audience/customers, this goes for both sides

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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 02:08pm
Someone's political views are a part of who they are and should not cause you to begin to dislike someone.

I did not shove Barbra Streisand off the pedastal I have her on because she supports Obama. In fact, I admire her more because of her passion and unwavering dedication.
Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 02:16pm
its not their political views that im talking about EPONINEAMNERIS, its supporting someone who considers me an idiot, or evil, im sorry im not going to want to part with my hard earned money.

What if i told you this all got started due to a someones thoughts against gay marriage, or abortion (which for the record i support)? would you still be willing to spend $500 for a night at the theater?

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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 02:53pm
I'm sure there are many performers whose politics are different from mine. (Clint Eastwood, anyone?). But that wouldn't stop me from seeing one of his movies if it were of interest to me. I can separate the artist from the activist. Now, if he were to run for office, that's a different story. He certainly wouldn't get my vote.

I understand the frustration at being lumped into the extremist category. After all, we "bleeding heart liberals" have been demonized as socialists and Communists for decades! But I suspect even moderate and compassionate conservatives are sick and tired of the mean-spirited and uncompromising hypocrites who have been running the Republican party for much too long. It's time for reasonable folks to take back their party. It's sad that a number of dedicated Republican public servants have left office out of a sense of hopelessness and despair.

I applaud celebrities who take the risk to promote a cause. Times have changed since Johnny Carson stayed in the political closet. Giving voice to one's beliefs is an act of empowerment. It's the first essential step in bringing about change.

Let's just hope that we can now start to engage in meaningful dialog that will heal rather than divide this country.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 05:20pm
Then don't follow them. Easy peasy. YOU chose to follow their twitter, if you don't like what you read, don't read it.

I'm not a star hound, I could care less about the tweets of people I don't know personally. I have FRIENDS that have different politcal views than I have, they are still my friends AND we can tease each other about it.

If you choose to no longer see their shows (or whatever) then don't -- but then you shouldn't whine about it. I have eliminated a few people -- but not because I tred on their thoughts (twitter) but because of their actions: mainly Mel Gibson.
If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 05:29pm
Unfortunately for you, Darion, you live in the United States of America, where we have a very grand and proud tradition of EVERYONE being encouraged and able to have and express their political beliefs and passions.

You may not like how "liberal" you think many actors are, but think of it this way: If actors were forced to keep their politics silent, Ronald Reagan would never have become president.

You're also free to disagree with them.
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Phyllis Rogers Stone
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 05:30pm
but when you say i am racist/anti-religion/homophobic/a baby killer/or against womens rights

Wait, someone says you are ALL these things?
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 05:39pm
My opinion of and ability to watch certain performers has been ruined by the airing of their political opinions in more than a few instances.

Carson was absolutely right.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 05:47pm
On the other hand, my opinion of and ability to watch certain performers has been increased by the airing of their views.

For example, Marin Mazzie is very, very open about her support for Obama. I have so much respect that she can send her 'message', which I think is 'right'/'good', to a larger audience because of her fan-base.

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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/7/12 at 06:18pm
Carson was right. But also, you might want to learn to separate the art from the artist. May keep you from betting so upset.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/8/12 at 07:54am
It's too bad we live in an era where people are getting more and more intolerant and jusgemental. It's become toxic. I remember reading that William F. Buckley used to gather people from all over the political spectrum to parties at his house, and they all reveled in the chance to discuss and debate their views with people who didn't agree.

Now, people have become so negative and polarized that people who have different views are ostracized as "enemies" or held up to juvenile ridicule.

As to the celebrities, it can hurt careers to be politically, for sure. It's a choice people who gain prominence have to make. Personally, I have a lot more respect for a performer like George Carlin who challenged people and probably limited his opportunities for tv and movie deals than a guy like Carson who didn't say a single thing in all those years that really mattered.
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Stars' Political Views
Posted: 11/8/12 at 09:13am
I remember the old Bill Maher Comedy Central show "Politically Correct". I was addicted to it. But I found myself changing my minds on the celebrities who were really brave enough to go on there and state their views. This might have been wrong of me, but I would find myself judging right wing philosophies espousing celebrities and coming to dislike them, even if I had liked them previously as performers. I still sorta do that...