Paul Ryan: 'I Don't Have The Time' To Tell You How We'll Pay For Our Tax Plan

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It seems even Fox News isn't buying it anymore.
"I hope your Fanny is bigger than my Peter." Mary Martin to Ezio Pinza opening night of Fanny.
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It dawned on me what bothers me about this guy! Watching that clip he looks like that infomercial guy who used to hawk taking out just one little ad in a local paper to sell the crap mechandize he would supply and you will become rich... "Look, just One little ad!". I Belive that guy ended up killing himself a few years back.

Don Lepre wants his schick back!
Those Blocked: SueStorm. N2N Nate. Good riddence to stupid! Rad-Z, shill begone!
Updated On: 9/30/12 at 09:11 PM

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