re: How much do Broadway performers get paid?

This inquiring mind wants to know...

How much does a Broadway performer get paid?

Are they paid by performance? Weekly? Monthly?

How wide is the salary gap between the megastars like Patti LuPone and a swing or ensemble member?

If anyone knows specifics for a particular show (past or present), that'd be interesting too, I think.

Forgive me if this question is...
(a) a faux pas to ask in the BroadwayWorld community.
(b) something that has been discussed frequently (I searched with no luck).
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Also, do they use direct deposit?
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Jordan Catalano
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Liza uses direct deposit. You can't really trust her with a check, y'know.
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Quick general answer:

Broadway minimum is around $1600 a week. Typically, only chorus and newcomers get minimum. A principal actor with propr Broadway credits and a decent agent should be able to get $2000 or more.

A leading actor who's a Broadway veteran but not a TV or movie might get around $5000 to $10,000 a week.

A TV or movie star typicaly gets $20,00 or more.
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Your searching skills suck. Someone starts a thread about this every 2 months.
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... and the standard salary for a regular role on a network series begins at about $35,000 per episode.

Hmmm. And the kids on here ask why a Broadway actor strays away from Broadway as quickly as possible.
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$1600 a week for a year isn't bad... In places that aren't New York. In Texas or some other cheap place, that'd be a little above an average living. That would be a great salary for a twenty-something there.
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Is it true I read once that Nathan Lane was actually the highest paid broadway star?
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Thanks, orangeskittles, for your helpful response.

Would you, oh wise searcher, please point me to a few of those relevant threads to which you refer?

To everyone else: Thanks for your insight!
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I think it would be safe to say that they make more than a lot of people posting on this board - including myself.
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Also, do they use direct deposit?

I'm not sure if that was a serious question, but yes, Equity now requires employers to offer direct deposit, and most actors choose to use it.
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They're paid in hugs and funfetti cake. Pretty good deal, I'd say.
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The bad thing is they aren't guaranteed to make that for a full year. I may make less but at least I know at the end of the year I will make such and such a salary. They never know when the show can close. Granted in this economy, many people are unsure of their jobs.
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How much do you think someone like Sutton would make??
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...Unless you join Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys, Wicked...
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As i said, someone like Sutton Foster, who is a leading lady but not a "star", probably earns between $5,000 and $10,000 a week.

When Nathan Lane and Matthew returned to THE PRODUCERS after being out a year, they reprtedly earned $50,000 a week PLUS a percentage of the box office - making their weekly salaries around $100,000. And YES, it was worth it - the weekly box office jumped from around $700,000 to $1,000,000 when they returned.
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Glinda and Elphaba, in the Broadway production make $8,000 a week.
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Every actress is different. That may be where negotiations START but chances are that they won't end there.
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