re: Who have you gotten stuff back from?

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I would be lying if I said that I never did this kind of stuff...cause who doesn't love an autographed picture or playbill? It's great fun. Plus as a college student, mail is like---a survival technique. So a letter or whatnot from a broadway star is MUCH appreciated.

But sometimes I ponder to myself, "Self, why is it that we humans love to have someone we don't even know, and who certainly doesn't know us, write their name (sometimes illegibly) in sharpie ? "

end of pondering.

EDT: I have gotten stuff from the cast of Little Women, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Michelle Federer, and I'm waiting on one from Spelling Bee.
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I've only ever gotton two things:
Signed/Autographed Headshots:
Cheyanne Jackson
Stephenie J Block
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so no one has ever gotten anything back from sherie rent scott cause i sent her back in august and havent gotten anything i know some take longer then others...just wondering
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i have gotten back letters from the etire cast of Wicked.

I have two questions though:

1. Does Sherie Rene Scott respond to mail? (With SASE of course)
2. I know Idina is appeaing in SWIWS, but would it be appropiate to send her something from RENT since it's kinda her current project?
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Sorry. Double-post.
I am a firm believer in serendipity- all the random pieces coming together in one wonderful moment, when suddenly you see what their purpose was all along.
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good question wonderfulwizard11 i'd like to know the same things
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Umm many an email frm Shoshana before she took over.

Michelle Federer signed pic of her in the wheelchair in act one.

Picture of shoshana with a witch hat.

A full page pic of megan hilty and a two page note from her.

A signed pic from JLT, i wrote her in the late summer/early fall 2004, got back this july, 2005
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I got a signed pic from Stephanie J Block after emailing her. And I didn't even ask for one.

And an email from Sho after I gave her something at the stage door.
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Megan Hilty
Carole Shelley
Jennifer Laura Thompson
Becky Gulsvig
Stacie Morgain Lewis
Kristy Cates
Cara Cooper
Michelle Kittrell
Donna Vivino
(all were signed headshots and a letter)
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What would the addresses be for Adam P., Anthony R., Tracie T., and the guy that plays Angel(can't remember his name.)?
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I've gotten signed pictures back from both Norbert Leo Butz (it came last night actually) and Adam Pascal; and emails from Greg Jbara and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

renthead92: you can contact Adam Pascal
c/o Paradigm
500 Fifth Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10110
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Joanna is wonderful about signing. She's just very uncomfortable doing the stage door thing.

I could understand that. All of those people, wanting your autograph and pictures and wanting to talk to you. *shudders*
EDIT: That sounded really sarcastic. Sorry. It wasn't meant to be sarcastic, I promise. I'm just really shy and could see myself being uncomfortable in that situation.

Anyway, to answer the question, I have gotten:
A signed picture of Adinah Alexander as Madame Morrible, as well as a very nice letter from her.
Nice little note from the cast of BKLYN wishing me a Happy New YEar and a signed playbill cover (when they were still colored)
and a very sweet e-mail from Stephanie J. Block (Please click and help me win!) I chose, and my world was shaken- So what?
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Does anyone know the zip code to the Hilton Theatre? I'm writing to Raul. Thanks! Also, do you think he would be more likely to respond if I hand-wrote or typed the letter? THanks!
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I sent idina menzel a witch's hat and a letter and she sent it back a week later, personalized.
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Does anyone know the addresses for Jesse L. Martin, and Wilson Jermaine Heredia?
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I've got a question for all those that send out SASE.

How exactly do you do it?
I think I do it the expensive way.
Do you guys just take a large maniella envelope and bend another large maniella envelope with your address and stamps on it and put it inside the other maniella envelope. I assume you just slip your letter inside of it.

How much do you put on the SASE and does whatever gets send back ever get bent?

Wow, that wasn't very well written and I appologize but hopefully you can catch onto what I am saying.
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I've written and received a ton of broadway mail, but I think my favorite things are --

-- A three page note + signed photo from Carole Shelley. I wrote her in a particularly odd mood, and she thought it was hysterical.

-- A note and signed photo from Michelle Federer. I sent her a little thank you note because of something she did for my friend, didn't even include my address (except for the return on the side of the envelope) and she sent me mail.

-- Damaged mail from Drew Lachey. Haha, I asked him to send a playbill to a friend of mine and he sent me a headshot as well, and wrote all over the envelope "DO NOT BEND!!" The package came with a "Received in damaged condition" with a huge bend down the front.

-- Email chain letters from Sean McCourt.
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Honestly, I will only write to people with good reason. I wrote to George Hearn during his run in Wicked, because his Sweeny Todd was the first Broadway DVD I remember and it got me involved in theater. He sent back a personalized CD booklet which is sitting on my desk right now.
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I was wondering how people were getting in touch with Adam. I felt out of the loop.

Actual answer -- Raul Esparza. One for one.
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- Signed photo from Idina Menzel via the "Rent" set
- Shoshana Bean signed 5x7
- Michelle Federer signed Nessa photo and note
- "Wicked" cast signed playbill from Carole Shelley, as well as a signed Morrible pic and a handwritten note
- Signed 5x7 bubble pic, 8x10 headshot, a handwritten note, and email from Megan Hilty
- Signed 8x10 headshot from Jennifer Laura Thompson
- Two 8x10 signed headshot's, signed calendar, signed cd, several handwritten cards and letters, and various emails from Saycon Sengbloh
- Cast signed "All Shook Up" playbill from Jenn Gambatese, as well as a signed 8x10 headshot and handwritten letter
- Cast signed "Avenue Q" playbill from Stephanie D'Abruzzo, as well as a hand written letter
- Signed "Spamalot" playbill from Sara Ramirez

The only theater performers that have never written me back are Deborah S. Craig (Marcy in "Spelling Bee") and Kristin Chenoweth. I had almost lost hope with Sara Ramirez until the Playbill arrived last week. It took AWHILE. About 4 months actually...

Tonya Pinkins: Then we had a "Lot's Wife" last June that was my personal favorite. I'm still trying to get them to let me sing it at some performance where we get to sing an excerpt that's gone.
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Last week I sent out letters and SASEs(with two stamps). So far, I've gotten 8x10 autographed headshots from Sara Gettelfinger and Jan Maxwell.
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What's better to send, handwriiten or typed?
Pillowpants. 'Nuff said.
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Hand written but only if it is very Neat, other than that typed
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Some answers:
defying_Gravity> I personally find it better to send a hand written letter as its more personal rather than a typed once where u could just cut and paste different actors names in and send a thousand letters at once.
sweetQinthelights> I generally send a large manila envelope inside another large manila envelope and a thin piece of cardboard. Address the inside envelope to your self. On the outer envelop i generally put 4 stamps, as it is heavy. the inside envelope gets 3 as it is lighter. nothing i have received has ever been damaged.
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does chrsitina applegate send stuff back? i just sent her a lettwer (and self-addressed envelope!)
OH! AND GUESS WHAT? I JUST GOT A SIGNED PLAYBILL BY THE CAST OF SPAMALOT FROM SARA RAMIREZ WITH A THANK YOU NOTE (i drew her a cartoon, and she says she has it hung in her dining room) SO YEAH, IM HAPPY! :)
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I sent letters out yesterday to Megan Hilty, Erin Dilly, Victoria Clark, and Brad Garrett....didn't send an SASE with them, since the last time i did that i didnt get anything back. anyone think ill get something back without one?

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