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Any good Bass-Baritone songs?
Started By: ryangrg422
0336/25/16 4:50pm
Started By: camcamryn
0806/22/16 4:02pm
Started By: Kensiwe
0766/22/16 11:04am
Music, Harmony, and Ear Training Classes
Started By: C2StudiosNYC
01336/18/16 9:53am
Mezzo-Soprano Songs
Started By: sofiaur8
18176/17/16 2:19pm
Anyone Rushing THE FATHER on Sunday?
Started By: mamaleh
01276/17/16 11:22am
Atlanta Acting Intensive
Started By: WRG
01366/17/16 10:43am
Improv for Film classes in Michigan
Started By: patcapp
01926/11/16 8:10am
The King and I G2K
Started By: MTVMANN
02276/10/16 9:52am
Plays similar to DOUBT
Started By: WicaS
02146/10/16 3:58am
Search for a high school show
Started By: belindasylvia
31,2116/9/16 8:28pm
makingitonbroadway intensive
Started By: Squirtle
13896/7/16 12:39pm
Cover of Falling Slowly from Once
Started By: Ashley Carmody
02996/1/16 9:38pm
Ashley Carmody
Getting in shape for Brooke Wyndham!! Help!!!
Started By: maddie.k
17066/1/16 5:20pm
Brush up on your Ballet Skills
Started By: FitWithBallet
03266/1/16 4:24pm
Anyone looking for Headshots in NYC (Trying to find for "friend" discount)
Started By: PRFRMR20
144,6145/28/16 12:21am
Looking for a 3rd for group headshot discount
Started By: john3457
151,9215/27/16 3:10pm
Sing better just by changing how you think with this FREE webinar
Started By: Sally Morgan
05085/23/16 2:47pm
Sally Morgan
SUMMER SPECIAL - Actor Website & Video Reel Services!
Started By: Brooklynite11
05325/20/16 12:46pm
The Scttsboro Boys
Started By: MT Teacher
05795/18/16 12:20pm
MT Teacher
Help finding a male solo
Started By: Alex Watson2
21,7945/16/16 2:05pm
Collegiate Ensemble Rep
Started By: svalentin
21,0095/16/16 1:59pm
Headshot Special
Started By: Layne A Dixon
06425/15/16 6:32pm
Layne A Dixon
College BFA musical theatre gpa
Started By: GIzmo13542
18795/13/16 7:43am
Free Singing Lesson
Started By: Sally Morgan
08315/7/16 1:36pm
Sally Morgan
Heathers: The Musical Female Audition Song
Started By: TheMusicalTheatreKid
11,0385/5/16 3:52pm
Small Girl group Competition songs
Started By: Abbie.actress
08325/5/16 12:49pm
The Lion King
Started By: The Mrs.
08515/4/16 10:54pm
The Mrs.
Female Solo Song
Started By: Theatrelife13
08735/3/16 1:56pm
Social Activism Plays
Started By: h80327
09124/29/16 11:34pm
High School Play Suggestions
Started By: abby g
01,0464/27/16 10:23am
abby g
Merrily we roll along audition?
Started By: FranGeorge
09734/25/16 5:42pm
Divas need a new audition song?
Started By: Stephen Foster
01,0724/23/16 7:52pm
Stephen Foster
Audition Song for Wednesday Addams?
Started By: Ashley Carmody
22,6164/23/16 7:42pm
Stephen Foster
Merrily we roll along audition?
Started By: FranGeorge
11,1864/23/16 7:36pm
Stephen Foster
Shameless plug for free actor app
Started By: Mark B2
01,1394/22/16 11:04am
Mark B2
Musical Theater Intensives For All Age and Experience Levels
Started By: Camp Broadway
01,2094/20/16 1:54pm
Camp Broadway
Started By: 245601
01,2204/18/16 6:46pm
Auditions for All for One (based on the 3 Musketeers)
Started By: Paul Russell
01,1384/18/16 12:00pm
Paul Russell
Student looking for Stephen Sondheim - There's always a woman from Anyone Can Whistle
Started By: neastRCC
01,2024/16/16 5:41pm
Audition Songs for Grandma Rosie
Started By: ChangingMyMajor
01,2214/16/16 11:21am
Plays about the afterlife
Started By: Jeter27
01,2594/13/16 7:43pm
Help me decide, please!
Started By: Angelo9
01,3224/12/16 4:40pm
Audition Music
Started By: liv99
01,2994/10/16 10:27am
New Here!
Started By: LykaJohnelle
01,2644/10/16 3:53am
Lowest Female Song.
Started By: classicalmusicplayer2
32,5144/8/16 8:32pm
Chest voice
Started By: lyricsop03
01,3624/8/16 8:15pm
Neat monologue competition
Started By: BrynS
01,4734/5/16 10:04am
Auditions for All for One - Show at Busch Gardens
Started By: Paul Russell
01,4414/4/16 4:43pm
Paul Russell
Facebook Group for Long Island
Started By: dramamama4
01,4124/4/16 11:53am

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