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Space On White Hosts RECESS 10/2


RECESS! asks you to "kick it old school" on Sunday, October 2 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm at Space on White. The gallery is located at 81 White Street (Broadway & Lafayette).

Free with RSVP via Facebook!

Remember when you first discovered art? From handprint turkeys to xylophone scales, when we were kids, art was for everyone and being creative was always fun!

Spark your imagination and invite your inner child to RECESS!, a special Space on White event for artists and non-artists to play, create, laugh, learn, discover, and have a great time reconnecting to the artist in all of us.

Drop in on a workshop or stay for the whole day of easy, fun workshops exploring art, music, dance, and theatre, taught by our own community of artists!


subject to change
All classes are 45 minutes - sign up is day-of: first-come, first on the list!

Period 1 - 2:00: ARTS & DREAMS
Period 2 - 3:00: ARTS & DREAMS
Period 3 - 4:00: SHOELACE PROJECT

Period 1 - 2:00: OFF THE WALL
Period 2 - 3:00: WEIGHTLESS
Period 4 - 5:00: DANCE WORKSHOP

Period 1 - 2:00: SHAKESPEARE FOR FUN
Period 3 - 4:00: IMPROV

Mix & mingle with the Space on White community while enjoying snacks, music, open crafts, and more!


Empowering Affirmation Art Workshop
Participants in Arts & Dreams workshops learn to love and accept themselves with positive statements called affirmations, which they will then use to create their own affirmation art piece. Laura Baran talks about how using affirmations can help heal negative thoughts in a creative way. Students make affirmation drawings of their own - no experience necessary!
Taught by Laura Baran with Patricia Geremia

Come see what hopes and fears have to do with shoelaces!
The Shoelace Project invites people to join in an experiential creative process. Come write your hopes and fears on jumbo shoelaces, and see what we can do with them. Dance without having leaving your seat, let your desires and dreads blossom into a new dance theater piece, and see what kind of designs out of personally inscribed shoelaces.
Taught by Sasha Soreff of Sasha Soreff Dance

Create and name your very own gloss to fit your personality
Taught by Alison Stumf, Lipstick Manifesto

Translating & experiencing a work of art with the body
Participants will become more in touch with a particular piece of art work by immersing into it and experiencing it with their bodies.
Taught by Claire Porter

A workshop focusing on the grounding and levity of the physical body
"What are you willing to let go of?" and "Where do you resist?" We live in our bodies daily, yet do we know their intricacies and understand their inherent weight? Through working individually, in pairs, and in groups, we discover the presence of the mass of our bodies. Simple acts, such as lifting the dead weight of someone else's arm or attempting to perform this act by yourself, bring not only an awareness to the body's density, but also challenge our boundaries of control. Activities reminiscent of childhood such as airplaning (balancing on another's feet), counterbalancing (leaning inward or outward to balance one's weight with another) and levitation (think light as a feather, stiff as a board). Expect a light hearted, playful and inquisitive atmosphere!
Taught by Lynn Neuman

Spread the joy by learning the beauty of the oldest dance on earth
Participants will explore the beauty and significance of Middle Eastern dance as well as learn the historical background of the real dance- "the real stuff," not the deliberately coined harem fantasist misnomer. Finally, they will enjoy the magic of Middle Eastern music, which has touched millions of hearts around the world. These dance classes are designed to introduce you to the true spirit and meaning of one of the oldest dance forms on earth, that is to say, joy and happiness. Feel free to bring a shawl or scarf!
Taught by Torkom Movsesiyan

The Dance Dancing Dance Company Company Class
The Dance Dancing Dance Company Company Class is an extreme dance class that fuses elements of technical dance, endurance practices and theatrical tomfoolery. It draws upon gangster rap, Brazilian parade dances, recreational dancing, and the American Musical Theatre. A workout, momentary panic, and full-body gyration are guaranteed. All experience levels encouraged to attend.
Taught by Ani Taj Neimann

Hate Shakespeare? Teachers did that to you - unlearn it and have fun!
This is playtime for both actors and non-actors alike. It's for anyone interested but afraid of Shakespeare, those who know nothing about Shakespeare and those who hate Shakespeare because their high school teacher made it so boring. (We've all been there!) We'll throw out all the school stuff and play games with the words, get the language into our bodies and just have fun!
Taught by Mary McGinley

We make plays. Come make plays with us!
A two-part workshop with exercises in creating collaborative theater. No experience required. Awesome if you take both workshops so you gain the fullest experience of our awesome-sauce-ness.
Taught by Everywhere Theatre Group

Everywhere Theatre: Writing
So you think you can write?
Bring a pen or pencil. Bring a notebook. Bring yourself. ETG will help you jump start your creative brain by guiding you through a free write session to help you shape a short five minute monologue or play, which you will then have read aloud by yourself or performers in the room. You will leave with a fresh piece of original material ready to be staged.

Everywhere Theatre: Improv
Staging Text with the Starz
We will explore the various ways of staging text in a collaborative way using a pre-existing work of text that will be given to you at the workshop. Everyone will be broken up into teams and must create a five minute performance based on your given text. You will leave with the experience of truly working collaboratively.

Create stories, make connections, and remember how we played as kids
The workshop will be comprised of several exercises that help create a safe, nonjudgmental space and teach the fundamentals of interactive improvisation. We will then create several improvised short stories in which workshop participants will have the opportunity to step into the role of the protagonist and choose where the story goes. The exercises we use teach heightened focus, active listening, group trust, and improvisation techniques. We hope that participants will feel safe enough in this environment to explore their choices and human connections in a new way while having fun and taking risks.
Taught by Playing with Reality

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