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Sarah Brightman Talks Touring, Space Travel & Music

October 11
4:37 PM 2013
Sarah Brightman Talks Touring, Space Travel & MusicInternationally renown soprano Sarah Brightman recently discussed her ongoing world tour in promotion of her new space-themed album DREAMCHASER as well as touched upon how she devised the concept and song selection for her new tour as part of a new interview.

In discussing the track-list for DREAMCHASER and how she came to choose the songs that are included on the album, Brightman opines, "They kind of chose me, in a way. I love music, and I have very broad, eclectic tastes. Some were songs I've loved for years, but I didn't necessarily think of interpreting them until this project. Like Sigur Ros, I've always been a fan. I've always found their music full of amazing landscapes, inspired by (the band's home of) Iceland. All of these pieces were very expansive in nature. The album is very space-oriented, but there's also room for some nature on it, too."

Remarking upon the new DREAMCHASER world tour and revealing how she decided what songs to feature in the live show, Brightman relates, "It's always been a challenge to me, but I find there's a thread that runs through all of the work I do. When I'm able to find the connection between the old and the new, I know I've been doing my homework properly. I'm able to put an old Verdi piece next to a Cocteau Twins piece, and it works. I think there's something that's been deep within me when I was creating these albums."

As for space itself and her upcoming planned outer-planetary voyage, Brightman imparts, "Space can be romantic... It can be playful, it can be serious, and it can be dangerous. It can be all sorts of things."

Anything is possible in space - and, so it goes, too, with Ms. Brightman!

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