BroadwayGirlNYC: Don't Dress for Dinner: A Punny Tony Awards Menu

May 25
9:28 AM 2012

BroadwayGirlNYC: Don't Dress for Dinner: A Punny Tony Awards Menu

It's a very exciting time of year. TONY TIME!!! 

I got a late start on planning my party this year; but true to tradition, I have put together a menu based on the names of the nominated shows.

When my guests arrive, everyone will be offered their choice of various Boozies, served by the mustachioed & extremely handsome Peter N, the Bartender. 

Appetizers will be circulated by tuxedoed waiters I call Gore Vidal's Best Men; these starters will include Cheese & Rice Superballs, A Meatball Named Desire, Velveeta, and Toast.

For the main course options, I've been experimenting with recipes, and while non-traditional, I've decided to serve several dishes prepared with "the other white meat": Clybourne Pork, Porky & Beets, and Nice Pork if You Can Get It. (When you get sick of all of that meat, just call out "Spiderman: Turn Off the Pork!" and your plate will be removed).  Don't worry; I will also be offering two vegetarian option: Venus in Tofurkey, and One Manicotti/ Two Guava-ners.  On the side, Deathly Good Kale'sman, and savory Lysistrata Scones.

After all of that rich deliciousness, we shall partake in Other Dessert Biteys, including Lollies, Runts, and (End of the) Rainbow Sherbet. 

I was hoping to serve Brownie on Side, but much to my chagrin, I found it's no longer available. WINK! 

This menu includes puns based on 20 different nominated shows.  Did you recognize them all?  (For a cheat sheet, click here)

Tweet YOUR best punny Tony Awards menu items to @BroadwayGirlNYC with hashtag #BroadwayFood!

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