SHADOWBOX Set for Elder Hall, 8 March

SHADOWBOX Set for Elder Hall, 8 March

World Premiere at Elder Hall


James Crabb Classical Accordian and Genevieve Lacey Recorders

Pioneers of Instrumental Combination

Music fringe dwellers take centre stage with new compositions

and technology

7.30pm Saturday 8 March 2014 Tickets: $25/$18

Book online:

Phone: 08 8 313 5925

It's fitting that in the season of festivals in Adelaide that a daring new project is launched opening the Elder Perspectives, the intimate concert venue at the iconic Elder Hall in Adelaide

The world premiere of Shadowbox at 7.30pm Saturday 8 March combines the extraordinary talents of Genevieve Lacey, Recorder, James Crabb, Accordian, with the music and sounds of Damian Barbeler and visuals of media artist Tim Gruchy.

Introductory link:

Shadowbox is described by it's creators as exploring the fluid, sometimes incomplete and contradictory nature of human memory. Combining live music with projected imagery, interactive technologies reveal a secret circus of the imagination.

Shadowbox will be an exciting and daring journey for the ensemble and the audience. A pioneering instrumental combination showing the limitless possibilities between the collaborators.

How did this happen? Lacey explained: "Recorder and accordion are an unusual combination. Both instruments are fringe dwellers, with a walk on part at best, in the grand scheme of the history of western classical music.

James and I are used to making our own way, to dreaming up singular artistic adventures. We each have a love for contemporary music, and a strong sense of the importance of working with composers of this time. Adding new compositions and technology are bonuses."

Also on the Shadowbox program are classics of Bach Sammartini and Ortiz. Lacey and Crabb's duo repertoire ranges from medieval and renaissance treasures, via Scottish folk tunes, to contemporary classics by Piazzolla and Reich, and evocative new Nordic and Australian works.

When asked why and how the collaboration came about Genevieve Lacey replied: 'Every now and then, if you're really lucky, you meet a musician with whom you feel there are no limits. James is one of those rare creatures.

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