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Directors Details#1
Posted: 8/3/08 at 1:05pm
im currently drafting a letter to send out to UK directors asking for work experiance/advice on how to make it as a director.
i know its unlikely to get responces but i fugured it was worth a try, so far on my adress list i have :

Rachel Kavanaugh
Lisa Goldman
David Lan
Gregory Doran
Emma Rice
Nicholas Hytner
Domonic cooke
Rupert goold
Michael Grandage

does anyone have any contact details for Rufus norris, or can think of anyone else i should contact?
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re: Directors Details#2
Posted: 8/4/08 at 9:41am
You seem to be setting your sights a little high. If it's work experience your after, it's best to go down the community route because they'll probably let you be a bit more hands-on. If you contact big names, they may be happy to offer a bit of insight, but their advice will probably be to get involved in community/am dram, as lame as it sounds. Check out ed departments of theatres of theatre companies around where you are. Chichester has a good one, as does Sheffield. Writing to renowned theatre directors won't get you as far as actually starting at the bottom and getting involved will.