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My Final Questions

My Final Questions#0
Posted: 10/19/05 at 10:12pm
Hi everybody!
I'm going to London tomarrow with my Grandma and I am already seeing Death of the Salesman and The Lion King. I have two questions. What are my chance for getting two tickets to Billy Elliot or Mary Poppins on the day of or day before the performance (Without waiting for standing room or a lottery) and What is the best modern english play in the west end right now?

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Broadway Legend
re: My Final Questions#1
Posted: 10/20/05 at 5:34am
Mary Poppins - fair chance of good seats if you go to on a Mon-Thurs evening.
Billy Elliot - less so, unless you're not that fussy where you sit. You can get front row seats for about 25, but it does involve queuing up at about 8am!

Best Play - Mary Stuart at the Apollo. It's a transfer from the Donmar and is absolutely electifying! ALs, head on down to the National, as there's always a good programme on in their three auditoriums

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