Please help... thanks!

Please help... thanks!#0
Posted: 1/31/05 at 6:00pm
Hello all... I am new to the board and I already have a request... I hope it is OK. Could you please help me?
I am working on a thesis which I am writing on American theatre. I would like to ask all of you Americans (and maybe non-Americans who have any interesting input too), to please help me with my survey. The purpose of the survey is to find out how Americans today perceive theatre as part of their culture and what role current theatre plays in the American society - in general and in more narrow social circles as well. Please, I encourage you to give me as much input as you can, this survey is not only meant for theatre-workers but practically for anyone who is willing to answer my questions. Thank you all very much and maybe you could spread it to your friends too and please send the filled out surveys back to, with "survey" in the subject line. I appreciate your help!!

Survey follows:



Education level:

Field of study:

Your involvement in theatre (Ex: theatre-goer, actor, crew...) :

For theatre workers why did you decide to work in the theatre? What is it giving you?
For theatre-goers On average, how often do you go to theatre?

For all what are the most representative features of American culture in general:
- in art:

What does theatre mean to you? What role does it play in your life?

How is theatre represented in your community?

What type of theatre do you most often go to (ex: repertory, community, seasonal...)?

In general, are performances in your community aimed at a certain target audience (i.e.: age, social standing...)?

What do you think of theatre as a career path or profession?

How do you perceive theatre as part of your culture and cultural heritage?

What does theatre depict from your life, your social and cultural environment?

What do you think current theatre lacks or how should it change to be more poignant for today's audiences?

What issues would you like to see dealt with in current theatrical productions?

If you go to see a performance, what kind do you usually pick (ex: drama, comedy, musical, stand-up...)?

What is it that touches you about a theatrical performance, what effect does a performance have on you?

Do you think Broadway represents typical all-American theatre, or is it rather commercial, deigned for specific interest groups?

How do you view Broadway in terms of accessibility, affordability, representation of American identity in the world?

Do you think American theatre is well represented abroad?
Is American society truthfully presented by theatre today? Do you think it creates an accurate picture of
American society to an outside observer? How about to an American?

Your favorite dramatist, favorite play and favorite show you've seen:
Why what did it catch you by?

Do you perceive theatre as an integral part of your community, your society, your culture?

How does theatre represent American culture?

What do you think is most characteristic about American theatre?

Which typically American feature is most widely presented in American theatre?

Do you think theatre nowadays is readily accessible and available to everyone? Why or why not?

Is there anything that should change that would make you attend theatrical performances more often?

Does theatre now, like in the past (i.e.: Uncle Tom's Cabin) have the power to speak to people, bring attention to and change social circumstances?

Does theatre today contribute to the richness of American lifestyle?

If yes, in what way and to what extent does it touch daily life?

In the future, according to current trends, do you think theatre will remain an integral part of American culture? Why or why not?

How does theatre contribute to your feelings of national identity?

What role does theatre play in representing American Identity in general?

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Thank you.