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Advice for Where to stay....

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Advice for Where to stay....#1
Posted: 12/12/19 at 10:04am

I'm planning a trip to London and I was wondering if anyone had advice on places to stay near the London theater district. Any suggestions or places to look? 

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Advice for Where to stay....#2
Posted: 12/13/19 at 6:16am

Anywhere close to the West End will be generally quite good areas as they are so central - although they'll likely be very pricey. So it depends on your budget really and how much you'd want to balance cost/location/niceness of accommodation.

The West End is very well connected by the tube though - if your hotel/Airbnb is a short walk from a station that's on the same line as any of Leicester Square/Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Circus/Piccadilly Circus and is only a few stops down it will take you no time at all to get there. Transport is reasonablly cheap.

Generally the West (Notting Hill, Maida Vale etc) and North of London (Camden, Hampstead, Highgate etc) are seen as nicer but more expensive. The East (Shoreditch, Hoxton etc) and South (Brixton, Clapham etc) is more traditionally rough around the edges but becoming a lot more hipster in recent years. The centre is kind of what you'd expect for most big cities - but Oxford Circus/Picadilly etc is more the tourist centre, whereas Bank/Liverpool Street is more the business centre (so lots of workers on weekdays but quite dead on weekends). The further out you go the more mixed it will be - some lovely areas like Richmond, but some less so like Plaistowe.

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Advice for Where to stay....#3
Posted: 12/15/19 at 12:51am
We like to stay at St Martins Lane Hotel. It’s not cheap but it’s very nice and close to a lot of theatres.
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Advice for Where to stay....#4
Posted: 12/22/19 at 3:27pm

My spouse likes the Z Hotel Picadilly - small rooms, but there's wine and cheese each evening and the location is great. You can join their affinity club and save if you book on their website.

If you have a membership with discount - then Club Quarters Trafalgar works well.  But, could be pricey.

There's a not bad hotel down on The Strand which I found with pretty good discounts on either or  

There are a couple of less expensive chains - Premier Inn gets mentioned.   Try this thread: Theatrebooard Hotel Recommendations

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Advice for Where to stay....#5
Posted: 1/3/20 at 4:39am

St.Giles London hotel , Bedford Ave. around the corner from DOMINION theatre has decent deals, worth looking into.You can walk to all theatres and a 10 minute bus to National theatre a block away. Tottenham Court Station tube a block away, supermarket across the street and a five block walk to British Museum. I've stayed there many times. Large breakfast room is extra and  twin city view rooms consist of a small sitting room with second flat screen tv. I get special offers since they have my email. At times rooms are listed from 90 £ and up, depending on months chosen.

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Advice for Where to stay....#6
Posted: 1/20/20 at 2:23am

i agree about the St. Giles. I just got back Thursday and stayed there.  I had the cityview and it really is not worth it convenience wise even though I got it very cheap about 6 months ago.  The classic double was actually more comfortable from the previous time.  There was no room for anything in the bedroom and no outlets near the bed for phones. Everything had to be placed in the "living room".   And the bedroom got hot because of its size.  So I was up and down with the heat.  But I would stay in the classic double.  Its a very convenient hotel and clean.

For a low budget hotel that is in a nice area and just the bus or district line away from the Theatre district  I would stay at the Premier Inn or Travelodge in Tower Hill not Tower Bridge.  I have stayed at both.  They are a block apart.  The length of the TL to the  PI. Cannot beat the view of seeing the Palace going and coming home. By bus its about 45 minutes to. St. Martins Lane and the theatres.  Train is faster you just have to walk up the big hill that is Embankment.






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Advice for Where to stay....#7
Posted: 1/22/20 at 1:39pm

My wife and I love The Reubens which is very nice hotel by Buckingham Palace and very close to Victoria Palace Theater (Hamilton). It is not cheap but I think you would love it, the staff is very helpful and friendly.

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Advice for Where to stay....#8
Posted: 1/22/20 at 3:59pm
Reubens hotel I also stayed at and agree it's very nice and near where Wicked is playing at the Apollo Victoria and The Other Palace theater is around the corner. Nice bus ride from West End,in the sense scenic and high end along the way.At least double in price of the St. Giles and depending on the stay it does add up. I usually go for two weeks,so I need a more reasonable hotel. Reubens is near Victoria train terminal and central bus terminal which is very convenient for day trips out of the city. Took a Midsomer Murder tour for a day trip and had a blast. About 26 avid fans of the series were in pure heaven.
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Advice for Where to stay....#9
Posted: 2/25/20 at 12:54pm

The Ritz is abut 7 blocks from the theater district- and you can get a room 4 nights for the price of three at times. Check it out. A small room there is not much different in price than any other decent hotel.

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Advice for Where to stay....#10
Posted: 2/26/20 at 8:21am
Just checked the Ritz Hotel in London and to stay nine nights as I will be in April would cost me $ 6,352. That's not doable for me. Yes,it's a grand hotel for sure,but
The St. GILES is $1,580. In nine nights I will see 14 shows.
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Advice for Where to stay....#11
Posted: 2/27/20 at 3:14pm
I always book on Priceline with the express deal, Or sometimes Hotwires hot rate. You see the location and stars of hotel but you don’t know the exact hotel until you pay, but they show you one of the three that you’ll get. I got a 4 star hotel next to Greenwich park for $70 a night (retail $160 a night) for a week next week. It’s a 30 minute commute to the theatre district from there, but you can get a great deal for any area. I’ve stayed outside central in Battersea, Kensington, near heathrow, Hackney, Carshalton and the transit system runs great and is true to the time Apple Maps tells you so you always know how much time to allot to get anywhere.
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Advice for Where to stay....#12
Posted: 3/1/20 at 11:34am

Have you looked at airbnb? The prices in London for regular hotels can be so steep, but I've stayed at some beautiful apartments and houses for much less than I would pay for a hotel, and if you pick one where the host lives there, the advantage of getting their recommendations on things to do and how to get around. We use the gay version of airbnb, mr bnb. My partner and I have been very happy with the places we have found. We look for the places with a lot of great reviews. So far we have never had a bad experience.

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Advice for Where to stay....#13
Posted: 5/26/20 at 1:16pm

I always stay at The Waldorf Hilton, right in the heart of the West End.  It's an elegant, grand hotel.  The location is fantastic, and very close to the Covent Garden Tube stop, that takes you directly to Heathrow Airport.  It's so easy to get into the city, and back to the airport via the Tube.  

In all my many decades of traveling, I always book directly with the hotel.  The majority of all hotels now will automatically match a rate that you see elsewhere online - Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.  If you book directly through a 3rd party website, you're - in a sense, at their mercy should you need to cancel or change a reservation.  If you belong to any of the hotel loyalty programs, you won't get points and the on site benefits if you book through a 3rd party website.  I'm a Hilton Diamond member, and the points add up very fast for free hotel stays.  Booking directly with the hotel is always, always the best thing to do.  

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Advice for Where to stay....#14
Posted: 7/4/20 at 12:59am

The Ritz is adjoin 7 squares from the auditorium region and you can get a room 4 evenings at the cost of three on occasion. Look at it. A little room there isn't vastly different in cost than some other better than average lodging.

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