KITES Heads To VAULT Festival 2023 in March

Performances run 7 – 12 March.

By: Jan. 19, 2023
KITES Heads To VAULT Festival 2023 in March

Exploring the rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood in post-war Ireland, KITES incorporates drama, striking visuals and physical theatre in a fast paced two-hander and sensory spectacle. At a time when purse strings are tightening across the board, KITES draws parallels to another time of austerity and instability, reflecting on writer Tzarini's own grandmother's upbringing and the opportunities that women would sacrifice to do what was expected. This new play is firmly situated in both time and place, and a rousing cry for the importance of female friendship across the ages. It juxtaposes the nausea, blood, and pain of girlhood, against the colourful sweetness of youth's possibilities.

Kitty and Angel are two girls living in Cork in 1948. Armed with kites and the power of make-believe, they leave behind their broken families and wartime grief, and let their fantasies take flight. But what happens when the line gets caught, and reality beckons?

Writer and performer Tzarini Meyler said, ""Taking the iconic childhood object as stimulus for my play - Kitty and Angel's story is inspired by the duality of a kite - their strength versus fragility, their freedom to escape, versus their strings that hold them back. I wanted to create a relatable show about the longing inside us all, and the magic we lose sight of in the pursuit of our goals - in today's world of social media and the pressure to 'have it all', this piece is relevant and timely. I am so excited to share KITES at VAULT, because I believe it will resonate with the audiences, taking them back to their own teenage dreams, making them laugh and cry along the way."

LipZinc Theatre is a young avant-garde Irish theatre company, conceived through a need to make work that is truthful to the artist and vital to the audience. They create entertaining, visually vibrant, and socially engaging theatre, and are interested in subverting expectations of appearances and societal roles, exploring themes such as gender, sexuality, identity, dreams, and escapism. Their play Dublin in a Rainstorm sold out at the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin in 2021. In the same year, they were funded by Athlone Family Resource Centre (AFRC) to premiere Finding Joseph at the Dean Crowe Theatre, and presented their play Pheromone at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on CArts, CVenues digital program, to critical acclaim. In 2022, they were awarded a residency at the Pavilion Theatre to develop KITES.