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Expecting show poster

Expecting at The Keegan Theatre

Dates: (5/16/2024 - 5/25/2024 )


The Keegan Theatre

1742 Church St NW
Washington,DC 20036

Phone: 202-265-3767

Tickets: $35 - 40

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  3. Expecting

Shauna and Robbie are expecting… different things. Shauna expects motherhood won’t be easy. Robbie can’t wait to be a dad. Then she arrives. Encountering financial difficulties alongside the arrival of baby Aisling and the barriers Shauna faces, Robbie spirals. Can Shauna and Robbie adjust their expectations and find a way back to one another? Will they sink or swim? Break down barriers with c21 Theatre Company with this accessible new show as Shauna and Robbie plunge into parenthood.

Developed in collaboration with deaf artist Paula Clarke and featuring both deaf and hearing artists, this poetic one-act play explores experiences unique to deaf and hearing couples.

The Keegan Theatre Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The Keegan Theatre is at 1742 Church St NW, Washington, DC.


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