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Student Blog: Voices of the Students (Part Two!)

In the spirit of inspirational activities, I reached out to other students and asked them: what’s the best piece of theatrical advice you've ever gotten?

Student Blog: Voices of the Students (Part Two!)

Hello Broadway lovers, theatre students, and creators around the world! Welcome back to the blog, as we enter June and the summer season. I hope all of you reading are taking some time to recharge and heal from school. I'm personally trying to step away from everything that I did far too much of this year: Zoom meetings, homework, and even virtual theatre. I love creating but need a chance to decompress and avoid burnout. I've heard from others that a good way to relax from the hustle of theatre is to find outlets besides physical performance that keep you inspired (like watching an amazing movie or reading an actor's memoir). These activities keep you lightly involved, but also allow space to breathe. In the spirit of inspirational activities, I reached out to other theatre students from both my department and other colleges and asked them: what's the best piece of theatrical advice you've ever received? Their answers are insightful, funny, and filled with love for their craft. Absorbing them almost felt like hitting the reset button, helping me re-align and focus on what I love and want to accomplish in theatre. Read on for their words of wisdom!

"The only people who know the show are on stage." My old dance mentor used to tell me that when I would mess up and just start winging it. I've never had stage fright since. - Bill Kassay

This advice was given more so for auditions, but it also very much applies to performances. "You're performing to express not impress." That's proved very helpful for not being nervous performing in front of people. - Isabella Benning

"The audience wants you to succeed". Essentially, they don't enjoy seeing you mess up, they want to have a good time as much as you do. - Zachary Van Greck

There's a little parrot whispering in your ear that you're not good enough, that the audience will laugh at you, that will mess up, that everything will go wrong. Broaden your imagination and come up with the most creative way to KILL THAT PARROT - Max Abramovitz

Strong and wrong has helped me recently. No matter how wrong you are, you should still be proud and get back on the horse because we're looking for the process- not the result. We want to work knowing that we have more to work on and that's ALWAYS something to be proud of! - George Moacdieh

Another one about auditions: auditions actually aren't scary. Auditions are where you get to act! You get to do the thing you love doing! That advice turned my mindset around from "auditions are intimidating" to "I look forward to auditions because I get to share the thing I enjoy doing with others." - Beth Rendely

"My high school teacher told me to 'find your light' once, because I was so bad at physically finding and stepping into my lights. But, I also took it as 'find the good, find your way' and I think that's really impacted the way I've gone about theatre. Finding the things I love about it and keeping up with it, ya know? -Bella Panciocco

Don't let the rejection get to you. You won't get cast in everything you audition for, and that's okay. You have to keep trying and auditioning for things, you will get the part that's right for you eventually. The universe has your back, and every role truly happens for a reason. - Kailee Goldberg

"If you have to do it, then do it." I think I might have heard this from a Youtube video, but it really struck me. I'm sure someone out there feels the same way but performing almost feels like a necessity at this point. It's not just a hobby, you know? It's where I express myself best. It's my favorite way to relax. It's an essential part of my life now. I've got to do it, and I'll be content as long as it's still involved in some facet of my life. - Jacob Pelzman

I did a camp over the summer a few years ago, and one of our mottos/the advice we were all given was "fail forward." It impacted me and my education, because now I try new things that allow me to grow. It's okay if I fail a couple of times, It's okay if I mess up, because I'm still pushing myself to be better and I can take a lot out of the things that maybe weren't perfect- and work on them. -Ella Schnoor

Sending love, relaxation, and excellent energy towards all of you! Happy Summer!!

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