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BWW Blog: A Day in the Life

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BWW Blog: A Day in the Life
Leah working on writing this article outside,
while simultaneously avoiding
her Biology homework!

Hello theatre students, Broadway lovers and creators around the world! For those who don't know me yet, my name is Leah Packer- I'm a sophomore studying theatre at the University of Maryland, and a new Broadway World student blogger! Last article, after sharing my tips for developing your craft without experiencing creative burnout (go check it out!) I promised that I'd be showing you all how I put these tips and tricks to use with a little ~Day in Leah's Life!!~ Full disclosure, it involves a lot of snacking. Alright, let's get started!

9:30- Wake Up Time. I like to have some semblance of a morning routine to get my day started off semi-productively and happily! My standard morning ritual includes breakfast, putting on actual clothes (sorry PJs) and taking a quick moment to ground myself before the day begins. This grounding usually looks like a five-minute meditation or a quick morning Yoga video!! Some favorite apps include: FitOn, Insight Timer and Shine!

If you remember from last article, I'm working on building a day that's both productive and meaningful, with enough personal time for me in order to continue creating without feeling burnt out. I try to do this using life coach Bret Shuford's Three C's: Centering, Career, Community!! (Also, the fourth Leah originated C- Content!) Having a small routine and moment of grounding starts my day off right by getting me to a space of calm and focus.

11:00- Since waking up, my morning has been ALL about creating my own content (fourth C!!) and allowing myself some creative flexibility. A little background- I've recently been taking a free online class with my local community theatre about how to write one-act plays. Using the lessons from class each week, I'm writing my own one acts- for no other purpose than strengthening my imagination. If I'm feeling that writers block, I like to use a random word generator and get five words to implement in my mini play! This morning, the word generator spit out: sale, rain, mud, lawyer, drum- giving me some new ideas to build upon. Working on my content not only makes me feel so free and powerful, but I think it also strengthens me as an actor. I work to infuse the characters I create with the humanity we actors strive to emulate, complete with a set of objectives and tactics I can use in my own performance! Besides writing my play, I also headed outside to work on writing this "day in the life" article in the sunshine. I feel very meta writing about writing!

12:00- I'm ignoring my Biology Notes glaring at me from across the room. I've become an expert at disregarding the little known fifth C...the grade I may end up getting in my online summer class. Science is not for me.

1:00- I finally acknowledge that I need to stop writing creatively and work on my Biology homework. I guess I'll take it as a life lesson...sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and do the EXACT thing you've been avoiding. As Leslie Odom Jr says: "Relax your shoulders. Begin."

3:00- I'm back, everyone!! After doing some (much needed, much hated) schoolwork- I had some lunch and am now going to take a quick walk with my family. Strengthening the little community (third C!) that is my family has actually been one of the things getting me through all this, especially when I'm usually away at school!

4:00- Back and better than ever, now it's time for the online playwriting class I mentioned earlier! My community theatre offers this weekly class for free, and it's helping me to step out of my comfort zone a little bit! Playwriting is something I've always wanted to try, no better time like the present! We're going to be sharing the writing we've been working on today. *gulp*

5:00- My friend popped by for a little "socially distanced" hangout! Do I have other work to do? Yes. Am I going to revel in this unexpected break in my day and go talk to her? ...YES. Especially during these crazy times, it's okay to take a moment and do things that make you feel good and appreciated! In this case, sitting on my driveway talking with a loved one.

6:00- I find out that Broadway World Student Bloggers has created a Facebook group!! Quick, happy burst of community today- I love little surprises like this one, especially when it involves theatre people!!

7:00- A quick dinner, and then it's time for virtual rehearsal!!! This is my absolute favorite part of the day- not only does it check off almost ALL of the C's, but it's just so much fun! I'm a part of the "University of Maryland Pandemic Players," a student run organization writing, directing and acting in original works- through Zoom! It's been incredible to work with all my talented friends, strengthening my skills (career), working on my friend's original plays (content) and becoming closer to my friends during this time (community)! Tonight, was our first "Zoom-Tech" rehearsal- and we discussed how to efficiently share our stories through little screens. It's nice to have this moment of theatre "normalcy"- pandemic or average day, us theatre students still create.

9:00- Rehearsal is over, and it's time to begin winding down for the night! I do a quick workout and stretch (this definitely falls under the Centering C and makes me feel strong), shower and watch some TV with my family! Watching TV doesn't sound very productive, but not everything has to be.

11:00- I end my day by reading a theatre book in bed (current read: Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen) and some gratitude journaling. Practicing gratitude helps me through everything- it's all about appreciating the little things!! It makes every day seem brighter. And let's be real. I also check all my social medias, watch a YouTube video, and play a quick game on my phone. I AM a Gen Z'er after all.

11:30- Something that balances me at the end of the day is taking a few minutes just to reflect. We are truly living in the weirdest of times, and I have to remember that it's OKAY if I don't accomplish everything on my to-do list. If I hit all of my 4 C's- excellent. If I don't even hit one? I'll survive! Tomorrow is a brand-new day, and every day I learn a little more.

So, readers, whether your day was productive or the exact opposite, take some time to remind yourself how amazing you are. Forgive yourselves for the items on your To-Do lists you may have ignored. We are all doing great! We are all making it through. Good night, readers!!

I truly hope you all enjoyed a little about my day, if you have any questions (or any content you want to see in upcoming articles)- PLEASE reach out!! My inbox is always open for readers and new theatre-loving friends (, and I can't wait to hear from you!! Until next article, stay happy and healthy- and keep creating!! The world needs us theatre students-



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