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A Chorus Line Video

A Chorus Line on Video - 1985


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Michael Douglas stars as a choreographer who subjects 16 dancers to a grueling audition in this Academy Award-nominated adaptation of the landmark Broadway musical. Featuring Marvin Hamlisch's OscarÂ(r)-nominated* music and Jeffrey Hornaday's (Flashdance) sizzling choreography, this thrilling portrayal of life behind the velvet curtain is truly "One Singular Sensation"! After narrowing down hundreds of Broadway hopefuls, Zach (Douglas) leads a select group of dancers on the tryout of their lives. In an audition twist, Zach asks each performer personal and intimate questionswith results that powerfully affect not only the young performers but the hardened stage veteran as well.

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Michael Douglas as Zach, choreographer

Alyson Reed as Cassie

Terrence Mann as Larry, assistant choreographer

Sharon Brown as Kim, Zach's secretary


Michael Blevins as Mark Tobori

Yamil Borges as Diana Morales

Jan Gan Boyd as Connie Wong

Gregg Burge as Richie Walters

Cameron English as Paul San Marco

Tony Fields as Al DeLuca

Nicole Fosse as Kristine Evelyn Erlich-DeLuca

Vicki Frederick as Sheila Bryant

Michelle Johnston as Bebe Benson

Janet Jones as Judy Monroe

Pam Klinger as Maggie Winslow

Audrey Landers as Val Clarke

Charles McGowan as Mike Cass

Justin Ross as Greg Gardner

Blane Savage as Don

Matt West as Bobby

Studio: Embassy Film Associates, Columbia Pictures

Filmed: 1985 - Released: 1985

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