1980's Cult Classic XANADU Comes to Flynn Arts

1980's Cult Classic XANADU Comes to Flynn Arts

True love, evil curses, banishment and, did someone say "roller skates?" Let the fun begin! Sit back and give your senses over to a musical on wheeled-shoes featuring 23 brave and talented young-adult performers...in a black box theater!

Xanadu is the stage spoof of the 1980s' cult classic movie of the same name (guilty pleasure anyone?). If you don't remember-Olivia Newton John in her heyday, Gene Kelly, lasers, disco balls, a magic mural, leg warmers...pure kitsch. Although the movie was a box office flop, there is much to love as it captured what was happening at the time in film and pop culture (Star Wars meets Grease). The play is set in 1980 at the change of a decade and a cultural turning point. Reagan was newly President, disco was dead, and Cheers was about to be a smash.

Says director Amy Riley, "there is a comedic sweet spot with parodies that is challenging to find (think Spaceballs,The Producers, and Weird Al Yankovic-all brilliant and seemingly effortless). We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with our talented cast on finding just the right mix. A bit too campy and you lose the sweetness of the story. Not campy enough and we miss the fun of it all. This young cast didn't skip a beat immersing themselves in the period, language, and music-and they nailed it!"

At its core, this zany romp is a story of love and inspiration. And it's such an 80s' story: love or money? Art or commerce? Can one have both? Laugh at the absurdity unfolding and leave with a smile on your face; it's true escapism and we all can use a jolt of that every now and then. It is charmingly silly and the music infectious. Hopefully it will provide a brief respite from the news outside the Greek, roller disco. As dear Sonny says, "Righteous-but let's chill out!"

Now through August 6th.


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