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The TigerFace Show show poster

The TigerFace Show at Torch Theatre, Milford Haven

Dates: (19/4/2024 )


Torch Theatre, Milford Haven

Justin Teddy Cliffe and Co

St Peter's Rd, Milford Haven SA73 2BU
Milford Haven,

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Wild. Wacky. Wonderful. What did you want to be when you grew up?


Thrown headfirst into a colour-filled world of puppets, balloons and poopy-loops, TigerFace tries to keep his adult cynicism at bay whilst recreating the last ever episode of his favourite childhood TV show with pals The Dream Maker, and Fast Hands (the jungles very own BSL interpreter).


Descending into absurdism, the performance quickly unfurls into an audience-responsive, ragged-scream party-piece, 1-part misery to 2-parts joy. Plus, all audience members will receive FREE Piña Colada!* 


A joyful, yet melancholic comedy, The Tigerface Show asks us to rethink what it was we wanted to be when we grew up, in hopes of finding some childlike happiness in adulthood!


This is NOT a kids’ show, it’s a show for the kids we WERE!


*There is no free Piña Colada, sorry…


All shows have BSL incorporated, and Closed Captioning can be supplied upon request.


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