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The Malarkey Chronicles at Upstairs at The Gatehouse

Dates: (23/4/2024 )


Upstairs at The Gatehouse

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
London ,

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  3. The Malarkey Chronicles

What if people actually said what they really meant?’ 


Autistic actor & dramaturg Joseph Beach sets out to investigate what it actually means to be an autistic adult in today’s society. A predominantly neurodivergent cast present a bizarre and often biting collection of scenes exploring the realities of dating, education, disability, sexuality, friendship, death, mental-health, language and what does any of it matter if you can’t or won’t be understood? 

The Malarkey Chronicles asks both autistic & allistic people alike whether any of us are actually, truly listening to one another? 

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Upstairs at the Gatehouse is at Upstairs at the Gatehouse , London .

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