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Deaf as a Post show poster

Deaf as a Post at Barons Court Theatre

Dates: (9/4/2024 - 20/4/2024 )


Barons Court Theatre

28a Comeragh Rd, London W14 9HR

Tickets: £15/£10 Concessions

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“Does anyone hear me? Over. Hear me? Over. Hear me? Could you speak up? One more time?”

In a dystopian London, where hordes of zombie ‘Loopers’ infect their prey with ear worms of random internet clickbait, one reluctant soldier named Goody cunningly uses his hearing loss to stay alive. As battle intensifies, Goody must choose whether to embrace isolation and save himself or reconnect with the world and fight for those around him.

Deaf as a Post is a newly written show about hearing loss that aims to give the audience a flavour of what it’s like to experience the world from a different perspective. 

As binary arguments and their echoes dominate our airwaves, Deaf as a Post emerges as a powerful testament to the need for connection in a world overwhelmed by noise. Written by award-winning actor Shaun Blaney (d/Deaf) this gripping sci-fi drama invites you into a dystopian realm where listening becomes a revolutionary act.

This play is an vigorous exploration of high frequency hearing loss and the profound impact it has on individuals and those around them. Directed by Emma Copland, who brought us the Bewley's Cafe award-winning Slippery When Wet, three incredible performers seamlessly multi-role over eight characters in a disturbingly familiar and darkly comic world, as the vast, complex soundscape envelopes you in a truly multi-dimensional experience. 


Deaf as a Post invites us to understand the challenges of people living with hearing aids and hearing loss, all within the gripping embrace of a fantastically wry narrative. 

Be moved, inspired, and immersed in a landscape where silence speaks louder than words, for anyone craving a deeper connection with the world.


Ages: Recommended 15+

Deaf as a Post at Barons Court Theatre Schedule

Tues-Sat @ 7:30pm.

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Barons Court Theatre is at 28a Comeragh Rd, London W14 9HR, London.


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