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Bowjangles: Dracula in Space show poster

Bowjangles: Dracula in Space at Exeter Barnfield Theatre

Dates: (19/4/2024 )


Exeter Barnfield Theatre

Barnfield Rd, Exeter EX1 1SN
Exeter, EX1 1SN

Tickets: From £20

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  3. Bowjangles: Dracula in Space

Dracula in Space is a hilarious and totally original musical comedy that sees the award-winning quartet heading into outer space to meet a mysterious benefactor whose proposition seems a little too good to be true.  But what happens when their lead violinist starts to act a little strangely?


This epic horror and sci-fi caper gets us thinking - would you sell your soul in order to sell your art?  Dracula in Space is an explosive production that is a love letter to classic horror films and their iconic scores, but is at its heart a story of friendship and camaraderie. 


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