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Edinburgh Festival

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Showchoir! The Musical follows the Symphonic Sensations from high school showchoir to international popstars, through the medium of a music bio mockumentary. The ensemble all play multiple roles, switching between students and mockumentary filmmakers at a moment's notice.

From the premise, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it had the potential to go either way in terms of quality. But as has been the case in the past, the RSAMD have brought high quality productions to the Fringe this year, and Showchoir is a great example of this. There are strong vocals from soloists and from the ensemble as a whole, catchy songs with amusing lyrics, and the cast have all got a solid grasp on the parodical tone of the show.

Elements of the story are clearly influnced by shows such as Glee, but it'd be unrealistic to claim otherwise, and although at some points it's a rather liberal homage, this doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the show. After all, the rise in popularity of Glee will be what has attracted many of Showchoir's audience in the first place.

A fun, high standard production with competent vocals.

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