Brighton Fringe Presents FROM UP HERE, 5/13-14

Brighton Fringe Presents FROM UP HERE, 5/13-14

"It's funny how an accident can make your life complete..."

From Up Here is a simple and beautiful musical by Aaron Lee Lambert. It explores time, change and the choices that change the lives of five very different people, whose paths cross in the most unlikely of ways on the Brooklyn Bridge. Question: what makes life worth living? Through a score of vibrant, memorable songs you will find your own story through their experiences.

"Wonderful... Finely realised... touching and truthful..." By Melly Still, Director; From Morning to Midnight and Coram Boy; National Theatre

Théatre Lapis premiered in New York, Spring 2012, with the musical Ordinary Days, and in London, Summer 2013, with From Up Here. The company aims to challenge accepted boundaries, both theatrical - musical theatre meets straight play genre - and cultural - east meets west. With this fusion in mind, the company is delighted to revive From Up Here in the UK, with its moving narrative and wonderfully witty and humorous music.

"A beautiful production..." By Adam Lenson, Director; Ordinary Days and Everything Else Happened

A Perfect Marriage of Theatrical Cultures
Théatre Lapis' Artistic Director, Yojiro Ichikawa, has used his diverse cultural and international to create a truly innovative, fresh and enthralling product. The fusion of musical, straight and physical theatre combines to create a mutually inclusive whole, allowing seemingly divergent styles to compliment and benefit one another. The conventional myth that different and supposedly polar opposite genres cannot work together is bravely and convincingly dispelled. The ancient traditions of the world-famous Japanese Noh theatre practice have inspired Ichikawa and designer, Hiroko Matsuo, with the realism of traditional stage sets and put their faith in the simplicity of representation to tell their tale - a world in which even the use of a single rope can draw you closer to the mindset of an individual character and the core of the drama as a whole.

As such, From Up Here's marriage of western and eastern cultures aims to both challenge and satisfy its audience in equal measure.

"Full of vision..." By Andy Burns, Executive producer of Perfect Pitch

Diverse Backgrounds Working In Harmony
Théatre Lapis believes that the fears and prejudices that can exist between cultures are, if facts of life, impotent and unnecessary. The company consists of members from theatrical/personal backgrounds as diverse as Japan, the UK and even Norway. We believe that in both drawing on and sharing our different influences, a work can be created of both thought-provoking beauty and audience reward.

In short, breaking down a handful of barriers can open a multitude of doors.

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