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Industry Insight - by Cara Joy David

Actor Sues 1776 Tour Producers for Racial Discrimination and Retaliation
by Cara Joy David - January 16, 2024

Over the years, I’ve heard several black actors complain about how their preferred hair plan was dismissed by producers. Now one is suing producer NETworks Presentations, 1776 Touring, and several of their employees, claiming that increasing tensions led to her being terminated after she expressed a desire to submit a written racism complaint.

Powerhouse Women United to Bring ONE WOMAN SHOW to New York
by Cara Joy David - July 6, 2023

Liz Kingsman’s One Woman Show arrived at off-Broadway’s Greenwich House Theater with what The New York Times’ Jason Zinoman called “enough buzz for an apiary.” The Olivier Award-nominated comedy had over twenty five-star reviews from overseas and the type of coverage that one only associates with the next big thing. But what is equally as remarkable is all of the lead producers have teams led by women, which is still a rarity even in 2023.

Former HADESTOWN Cast Member Kim Moore Sues Alleging Racial Discrimination
by Cara Joy David - June 27, 2023

Kim Moore, who appeared in Hadestown under the name Kim Steele, has sued the Hadestown producing entity alleging several counts of race discrimination and retaliation under New York State, New York City and federal law. Essentially, the suit alleges that Moore was a respected employee, but was fired soon after complaining about racial discrimination.

Interview: Veteran PHANTOM Cast Member Carrington Vilmont on the Final Chandelier Fall
by Cara Joy David - April 17, 2023

In January 2001, Carrington Vilmont made his Broadway debut in The Phantom of the Opera. He has spent the majority of the years since in the company, appearing in the final company as the Auctioneer. As of last night, he had played 6066 performances in the musical. Today he woke up without it.

Judge Dismisses Garth Drabinsky 'Do Not Work List' Lawsuit
by Cara Joy David - April 14, 2023

Remember Garth Drabinsky’s case against Actors’ Equity Association? It is now no more. Equity has won its motion to dismiss the complaint filed by Drabinsky.

City Council Passes Ticket Transparency Bill; Broadway League Opposed
by Cara Joy David - April 14, 2023

This week, the New York City Council passed a new ticket transparency bill. The law was not opposed by any of the major ticket services--Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, etc.--but it was opposed by one major player in the city: The Broadway League. Just why the League was so opposed to the bill gets a little confusing.

Court Rules on Jujamcyn Theaters' Fight for Covid-Related Insurance Coverage
by Cara Joy David - March 7, 2023

Jujamcyn Theaters’ fight for Covid-related insurance coverage has suffered a mighty blow. A Court in the Southern District of New York, which is a federal court, decided against Jujamcyn in its lawsuit against Federal Insurance Company and trimmed Jujamcyn’s case against another insurer, Pacific Indemnity Company.

How Jefferson Mays and the Design Team of A CHRISTMAS CAROL Are Making Holiday Magic
by Cara Joy David - December 22, 2022

Broadway’s one-man A CHRISTMAS CAROL starring Jefferson Mays definitely managed magic. It is a rare show that leads even Broadway regulars to leave the theater going: “How did they do that?” BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD and some others have managed, but not many. This show did.

How Female Playwrights Are Making the Industry Better
by Cara Joy David - November 18, 2022

Other than a handful of playwrights 30 and under, all the playwrights spoken to for this piece believe their sex has impacted their careers in the theater. Women feel that they have trouble getting in the room and being taken seriously once there. But there is something more, a sense that when things get really bad -- beyond mansplaining bad -- there aren't many people to turn to in the theater.

Where Are All of the Female Theatre Critics?
by Cara Joy David - November 11, 2022

In this, the second installment in our series on women playwrights, the playwrights speak about critical interpretation of their work and the lack of powerful female critics. Please read Part I here, which discusses the more general issues female playwrights face.

Stage Dooring (Re)Halted on Broadway; When Might It Be Back?
by Cara Joy David - November 7, 2022

Stage dooring. Fans love it. Actors are split, and were even before the pandemic. And then the pandemic hit. When Broadway returned, stage dooring did not. It was seen as too big a risk. But when New York County had a low community level of COVID-19 transmission, it was back. Read more about stage dooring in the Industry Insight here!

Women Playwrights Speak Out on Life in the Theater: Part 1
by Cara Joy David - November 4, 2022

In this three-part series, BroadwayWorld spoke to over 20 female playwrights who have been produced in major NY theaters about what life in the theater is really like for them -- and what can be done to make it better.

Chet Walker's Impact Remembered by Broadway's Most Influential Dancers and Choreographers
by Cara Joy David - October 31, 2022

Dancer/choreographer/teacher Chet Walker - a Fosse dancer who later co-conceived FOSSE and choreographed the 2013 PIPPIN revival - died on October 21 from a glioblastoma tumor. Here, his legacy is honored by some of Broadway's most influential dancers and choreographers, including Sergio Trujillo, Andy Blankenbuehler and more.

Bruce Vilanch Departs A SIGN OF THE TIMES
by Cara Joy David - October 24, 2022

Last week A SIGN OF THE TIMES -- was announced for a new developmental reading. The release stated the musical had “several script revisions” and the librettist was now Lindsey Hope Pearlman. Absent was any mention of well-known comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, the original librettist, who had been developing the show for almost a decade.

Inside the Fight for Adult Dancers to Join Actors' Equity
by Cara Joy David - October 19, 2022

In August, when Actors’ Equity first announced it was seeking to represent adult dancers (aka strippers) at a California night club, many members expressed displeasure on social media.

GOOD NIGHT, OSCAR, The Behind-the-Scenes Battle Splayed Out In Public
by Cara Joy David - October 9, 2022

It surprised the industry this week when playwright David Adjmi went public about his own tale of developing an Oscar Levant play with Sean Hayes – and not the one that will be seen on Broadway this spring. It has become a he said/they said battle, but BroadwayWorld has the most info in the war of words thus far, including emails between Adjmi and Hayes.

What Is Papering and How Does it Fill Seats on Broadway?
by Cara Joy David - September 19, 2022

In all of Broadway’s efforts to promote accessible tickets, there is little talk of “papering.” There is good reason for this – if people capable of buying full-price tickets know that others are going to see a show for free, they won’t want to pay full price for that same show. What is papering and how does it work? We've got the scoop!

How to Invest in a Broadway Show
by Cara Joy David - August 15, 2022

We hear a lot about making Broadway accessible. Broadway ticket prices have outpaced inflation over the decades (by a lot) and cheap preview tickets were abandoned years ago, all leading to the impression that Broadway was not accessible for those with average, or below average, incomes. There have at least been attempts to combat that impression in recent years. But something that is still largely seen as an older rich people game is investing in Broadway. However, a bunch of people have been trying to change that in the last decade, with attempts heating up more recently.

Backstage COVID Protocols (And How They Have Changed)
by Cara Joy David - May 25, 2022

Much publicity was given to the Broadway League’s decision to cease requiring vaccinations to enter a Broadway theater, but less attention was given to the behind-the-scenes changes that were implemented around that same time. They do not include changes to the vaccination requirement – Broadway union members still must show proof of vaccination. But there are some other changes that impact the lives of your favorites.

Industry Editor Exclusive: Unions Push Back on 'Closing' vs. 'Hiatus' for MRS. DOUBTFIRE
by Cara Joy David - January 15, 2022

Everyone knows it is tough times for the theater industry. Broadway’s indeed thankfully back, but amid rising Covid cases wreaking havoc on casts and keeping audiences away, the return has not been smooth. And now the theater industry has entered the cold winter months, traditionally tough times at the box office. So when the producers of MRS. DOUBTFIRE announced the show was taking a “hiatus” – as the press release read – from January 10 through March 14, theater insiders could understand why. But nothing is as simple as it seems. The decision shines a spotlight on the tense relationship between Broadway producers and Broadway’s 14 unions in these difficult times.

Industry Editor Exclusive: The Complicated Relationship Between Actors' Equity Association and Spanish Language Theatre
by Cara Joy David - June 28, 2021

It is 2021, but some in the Spanish speaking community still feel like they are not properly represented by Actors’ Equity Association (AEA). And they’ve been fighting for years. Strides were made at the delegate convention in late April, but there is still a distance to travel.

Industry Editor Exclusive: What's the Plan for Broadway's Return? The Broadway League, Producers & Insiders Speak Up
by Cara Joy David - April 8, 2021

We investigate what the plan is for the return of Broadway, with insight from the Broadway League, Broadway producers, industry insiders, and more!

Industry Editor Exclusive: Still No Gigs... So What Now?
by Cara Joy David - October 12, 2020

The theater shutdown has been hard on everyone in the industry. That is true even of actors. While the average naïve reader might think of acting as a lucrative profession, many theater actors, especially New York-based ensemble members, dona??t typically have a lot of extra cash. Yes, even the lowest tier Broadway contract pays fairly well, but it is not as if the work is consistent. So what do those folks do now?

Industry Editor Exclusive: Behind the Unusual Tonys Race for Best Score
by Cara Joy David - September 4, 2020

As readers know by now, the 2020 Tony Awards are going ahead based on a severely abbreviated season. Many were hoping there would be elimination and/or combination of categories to make them more competitive, but that announcement did not come as of the season’s final Tony Awards Administration Committee meeting. The existence of one category in particular has puzzled many: Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre.

Industry Editor Exclusive: Many Broadway Actors Face a New Loss... Health Insurance
by Cara Joy David - May 1, 2020

One thing you want in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is health insurance. But many theater actors are in danger of losing theirs because of the theater shut down.

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