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What is a Tonys party without some celebratory toasting to the Great White Way? Well we think you should take it a step further this year with our 2017 Tony Awards Drinking Game! Play along with our rules below on the big night and we guarantee that you'll have WAY more fun than your friends who don't. Bottoms up!*

* Drink at your own risk...BWW will not be held responsible for any alcohol induced singing, dancing, dressing up, dressing down or other Tony related incidents.

Take a drink...

-Every time Kevin Spacey does an impression.

- Every time a presenter flubs an actor's name, the title of a play/musical, or is just awkward in general.

- When you spot a Tony winner from last year.

- Any time you spot an actor you met at the stage door this year.

-When you (at any point in the evening) catch yourself singing "I'm an islander!"

- Any time Josh Groban's voice causes your body to melt away into nothingness.

- Any time Ben Platt does something that makes you say "What?!!", "Are you kidding me?", "Hallelujah!" or any variant/combination of those thoughts.

-Every time someone refers to how difficult it is to get tickets to see Bette Midler, how awesome Bette Midler is, or Bette Midler in general.

- When a show that takes place in a foreign country wins an award.

- Any time a past Tonys host takes the stage.

- When you catch a small recap of a winner's speech that you wish CBS would have aired live.

- When someone making his/her Broadway debut wins.

- When your favorite show of the season wins.

- Any time a winner thanks his/her high school drama teacher.

- Any time someone uses the phrase: "8 times a week."

- When someone ignores the 'wrap up' music and keeps talking.

-Any time someone gets a standing ovation.

- If/when the ceremony runs late.

Chug your drink...

-When you are overcome by the power that theatre has to change the world and by the general awesomeness of the 2016-17 season. Then toast to an equally great one next year!