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“A” TRAIN show poster

“A” TRAIN at Rubicon Theatre Company

Dates: (4/10/2024 - 4/28/2024 )


Rubicon Theatre Company

1006 E. Main Street
Ventura,CA 93001

Phone: 8056672900

Tickets: $30 - $79.50

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Set against the backdrop of an imagined subway station, “A” TRAIN takes audiences on an exhilarating theatrical ride as the character of Amy struggles to understand why her young son can memorize the names of every subway stop in the correct sequence but doesn’t seem to want to play with his brother. When her son is diagnosed with autism, she tries to understand just what that means and struggles with her preconceptions of what “happiness” looks like. As we travel with Amy on her hilarious and sometimes emotional journey, we meet other parents, family members, educators, medical professionals, and individuals who identify as autistic.           

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