HAUS OF FABULOUS! Announced At Bom Funk Theatre Queanbeyan, April 15

You have been cordially invited for a night of supreme glamour, and unbridled joy!

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You have been cordially invited for a night of supreme glamour, and unbridled joy! Welcome to the Haus of Fabulous! You may know them as a renowned troupe of incredible fan dancers.

Since 2015 they have been flapping their feathers, and slinking their silks, nationwide but do you know who the Haus of Fabulous Stars are? Step inside the Haus of Fabulous, and we'll peel back the curtain to reveal the multitude of talent that lies beyond their fans! Share in their skills, from traditional bump and grind burlesque, all the way to the neo revival.

An extravaganza of Bollywood, jaw dropping hula hooping, giant props, and giant smiles you'll be left mesmerised! They'll enchant you as soloists, and captivate you as a troupe. This is one night of entertainment you'll be sure to remember for years to come!

This is your only chance to catch this incredible ensemble before they jump on a big jet plane. These Fabulous stars are heading to Hollywood and Las Vegas, to make their USA Debut!


  • Standard Admission: $30.00
  • VIP Experience: $50.00 Ticket price includes:
  • Seats towards the front rows
  • An invitation to join the Haus of Fabulous cast for a VIPs Only photo after the show

Daddi in the Haus tickets: $90.00 Marilyn said it best when she said, "my heart belongs to Daddy". Daddi has slipped his favourite fan dancers a crisp $50 note, to make sure they can have the best of everything!

Ticket price includes:

  • Preferential seats in the front rows
  • A Daddi's Only photo with the Haus of Fabulous Cast
  • Public acknowledgement as "Daddi of the Haus of Fabulous"
  • An invitation to an exclusive post show soiree with the Haus of Fabulous Cast Thank you for donating to our future work and travel Daddi!

Big Daddi Warbucks: $150.00 Was being a daddi not enough? Big Daddi Warbucks has doubled down, and cemented themselves as the big kahuna of the art world. Daddi Warbucks wants to make it rain on the Fabulous Fan Dancers!

Ticket price includes:

Preferential seats in the front row

  • A signed poster from the entire Haus of Fabulous Cast
  • A dedicated polaroid from the cast member/s of your choice
  • A Big Daddi Warbucks Only photo with the Haus of Fabulous cast
  • An on stage shout out from the cast as a special thank you for your generosity
  • An invite to the exclusive post show soiree for your Big Daddi Warbucks donation
  • Thank you for donating to our future work and travel Big Daddi Warbucks!

This show is a fundraiser to support the Fabulous Fan Dancers as they make their way to LAS VEGAS for the BURLESQUE HALL OF FAME in 2023! Our fans may be big, but they're not big enough to fly us all the way to Las Vegas! Every donation counts! On top of an already jam-packed show, you'll be able to participate in trivia, raffles, and market stalls!

Best dressed competition: Have you got a gown that's itching to make it out of the closet? Got a new bow tie looking for an outing? Got some sequin that needs to get out in the light? Not currently being appreciated for how incredibly fabulous you are at every waking minute of the day and crave public recognition and acclaim? Here at the House of Fabulous, you're going to be in good company! We invite you to get dressed to the nines! Neigh! Get dressed to the tens! And we will shower you will love in the form of a best-dressed competition

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