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BWW Backstage Pets: EVAN HARRIS and Champ


BWW Backstage Pets: EVAN HARRIS and Champ Welcome to BACKSTAGE PETS, where upstate SC theatre artists share photos of their most loyal fans - their pets.

Theatre Artist: Evan Renaldo Harris

Featured Role: "Actor Despite Audience protest"

Primary Venues: "I've Performed with Warehouse, Children's Theatre, Centre Stage, USSF and Cafe and Then Some, but I am a resident at The Greenville (Formerly Little) Theatre"

Tell us about your pets.

Well, the tortoise and gecko were bought on a whim...which is the best way to commit to something for up to forty years. The gecko's name is Jerry Seinfeld, the tortoise is Shelly - both named by my kid. The cat, Champ, was actually found by fellow thespian Trevor Furlong and his wife, Teddy. He leapt into their arms at a gas station and they took him home, but their other cats didn't like him so he needed a home. They posted a pic on Facebook and at the time we had a rabbit that was....well.... a sucky pet. So I figured I'd have them bring him over and see if he adjusted to the place, because my daughter - who desperately loves animals - needed a pet she could actually pet. The rabbit has since passed - no tears - and Champ has been ours ever since.

How is your pet helping you cope?BWW Backstage Pets: EVAN HARRIS and Champ

I'm kind of a lazy hermit anyway, so we just sort of imitate each other. Lay on the couch together, sleep, eat.

In all honesty, it's nice to feel that lump of fur purring against me. Just like in the pic...the little redhead is me.

What shows are you most looking forward to after all this is over?

It's tough to say, we were supposed to start THE PRODUCERS soon but that has been delayed, so I can't wait to dig into that. Also the tour is very fun and we basically called it off early so it'll be nice to get out on the road again.

There's a meme about dream roles out there. What is one of your dream roles?


BWW Backstage Pets: EVAN HARRIS and Champ What role do you wish you could cast Champ in?

If they ever make a stage version of THE BIG LEBOWSKI, he'd be an excellent "The Dude."

How can folks continue to support your work?

The Greenville Theatre has a donation site set up. Really right now we all have to help each other survive. I can't imagine Greenville not having the great variety of theatre that it does.

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