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The Letter of the Law Photos - Broadway

by Shari Barrett - Sep 30, 2019
During the thought-provoking 90-minute play, made even more visually intense via attention-grabbing historical projections of news headlines to forward the progression of time on Rachel Myers exquisitely transformational scenic design, Feldshuh and Faracy fully embody not only the physical presence of Ginsburg and O'Connor but also their dependency on each other to get their voices heard over the gender-biased male members of the Court. Their dedication to justice and the law was solid, although O'Connor felt the need to take it slowly like a tortoise while Ginsburg always felt the need to charge ahead like the hare when it came to issues of sexual harassment towards women.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 4, 2018
The cast has come up with a hashtag #DivasWhoBelieva, and the divine divas of SCERA's "Sister Act: The Musical" are prepared to dazzle. The premise: It's the 1970s and exuberant disco diva Deloris Van Cartier wants a recording contract. Little does she know that soon she will be singing praises to heaven instead as she hides in a convent while eluding a gangster boyfriend.
by Marina Kennedy - Jul 28, 2016
The compelling and entertaining Civil War comedic-drama 'Butler' is now onstage at 59E59 Theatre through August 28th. This superb play is written by Richard Stand, directed by Joseph Discher and presented by New Jersey Repertory Company.
by Matt Tamanini - Aug 26, 2015
Many women have taken to social media to celebrate the day by posting photos of themselves flexing in honor of the iconic World War II era Rosie the Riveter. Rosie was symbolic of the millions of American women who kept the country running while many young men were over seas fighting. Some of our favorite female Broadway stars have posted photos in recognition of the day; check them out below. We will be updating list as more come in: