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by Valerie-Jean Miller - Mar 8, 2019
At the elegant Soroya Theatre in Northridge, CA, Martha Graham's Dance Company, under Artistic Director Janet Eilber's seasoned guidance, performed a most incredible group of works.  Some were originally created approximately 80 years ago, by Martha Graham, a true icon in the Dance world.  The EVE Project, as this evening, March 2nd, 2019 was entitled, gave us a wide variety of themes within a theme, that being Women and their significance, their power, their passion and their strength.  It was polished to perfection, and each piece carried many meanings and concepts and was just so beautifully performed and articulated. The Martha Graham Dance Company is the oldest contemporary dance company in the United States, founded in 1926.  Since it's inception it has explored and encompassed political and humanitarian issues, as well as affairs of the heart and human interactions, while creating a prolific dance technique that is unequaled in it's scope.  Graham created a total of 181 ballets during her long career, and is recognized as a primal artistic force of the 20th century, being named in 1998 as 'Dancer of the Century' in Time magazine, and labeled one of the female 'Icons of the Century' by People Magazine.
by Jade Kops - Apr 29, 2017
.@TheBodyguardAU is the latest movie to stage adaptation to reach Australian shores, showcasing Australia's Paulini Curuenavuli in the role made famous by Whitney Houston.
by Roger Martin - Mar 9, 2015
The Kinky FadesMistress Carol is the stereotypical dominatrix, and if it's been a while since you were last touched by the feathery tip of delight, let me remind you that the classic controller is the queen of black leather and thigh-high spike heeled boots. The snap of her whips is birdsong to your ears. Remember? So here's Nicky Fridh as Mistress Carol with Harry, better known as Nick Richberg, on his knees, licking her shiny insteps.
by Rachel Stone - Feb 19, 2014
Emma Watson is at it again. This girl knows how to make a fashion statement, push the envelope while always staying in within the classic boundaries. I know - kind of a contradiction but totally makes sense to me. Watson always sticks with classic colors and/or silhouettes but is not shy about going for it with her makeup, styling or some design in the garment. Her red Dior dress over black pants combo at the 2014 SAG Awards is a perfect example: it was chic, simple yet a totally bold choice.
by Rachel Stone - Jan 11, 2014
I am obsessed with this dress and I am now officially obsessed with Margot Robbie. Can you believe this dress is Oscar de la Renta? I am so used to his gorgeous, structured, mermaid silhouettes and big voluminous skirts. But this silhouette is so modern, cutting edge that I wouldn't have thought it was an Oscar de la Renta. I bow down to the man who can design something this unique as well as his unbelievably classic gowns.
by Rachel Stone - Oct 17, 2013
How much do you love that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley collaborated with Marks & Spencer on a sleepwear collection? I know I want to look like her at all times, especially in my pj's! If that is what Rosie looks like when she goes to bed then it's more than good enough for me. But in all seriousness, she looked radiant at the photocall for the launch of her new collection.
by Rachel Stone - Oct 9, 2013
I had to pick this picture for today's Fashion Photo of the Day because they always fashionable Sienna Miller is wearing white! It just proves my point from yesterday - there is white everywhere! I don't know what is with this post Labor Day white thing lately and this dress is not even a 'winter white.' Are fashion 'rules' just being thrown out the window? Or is it a bold choice to wear a summery dress in October?
by Rachel Stone - Sep 12, 2013
Katie Holmes looked like she walked straight out of the 1950's at the Michael Kors S/S 2014 runway show during New York Fashion Week. Holmes was dressed head-to-toe in Michael Kors and looked as if she was about to leap through fields of daisies. I am on the fence about this look. I think she looks absolutely beautiful but for my taste its a bit too Stepford Wives.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 21, 2013
Jennifer Lopez had a major princess moment in Christian Dior this week. JLo was being honored with a star on the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame and she dressed to the nines for the occasion. I love everything about her look from her hair to the bustle to her raised hemline. Just when you think you've seen it all from JLo she goes and surprises you with this super feminine and romantic look.
by Rachel Stone - May 27, 2013
Clearly Milla Jovovich has not lost her touch. She knows how to work both a dress and the camera at every opportunity. I love this Armani dress she wore at the Cannes Film Festival. But it's not just the dress I love. It's her confidence and elegance and how she holds herself that really completes the look. But a great dress is always a good place to start.
by Rachel Stone - Mar 25, 2013
I want McQ by Alexander McQueen dress SO badly! This is one of the best LBD's I have seen in a long time - it is fun, flirty, sexy, chic and easy. And Elisabeth Moss looked amazing in it at the Los Angeles Mad Men premiere. Head to toe, down to her bevelled leg, she looked great!
by Rachel Stone - Mar 20, 2013
Disney Channel's Bella Thorne looked adorable in an Alice + Olivia dress at the Los Angeles premiere of The Host. The navy and white dress paired with Thorne's styling was very retro, feminine and fresh. I love how she kept everything youthful and fun but still appropriate for a film premiere.
by BWW News Desk - Feb 6, 2013
Looking for the inside scoop on the fresh fashion finds that will make any spring wardrobe wonderfully wearable and magnificently modern? Belk's Most Wanted list for women has just what you're looking for when it comes to the latest style files. Check out some of this spring's fashions below!
by Rachel Stone - Dec 20, 2012
Giuliana Rancic showed us two gorgeous looks as she co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant with Bravo TV personality Andy Cohen. Rancic showed a range of class, elegance and romance while standing out among the shining contestants.
by Rachel Stone - Nov 27, 2012
I can't get enough of this 1950's style Dior dress Marion Cotillard wore to the 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in NYC.
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