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Pippin - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Roger O. Hirson Bookwriter
Stephen Schwartz Composer
Solters / Sabinson / Roskin Inc. General Press Representative
Ernest Adler Hair Designer
Michael Alterman Keyboards
Ingram Ash Advertising
Jeff Ash Advertising
John Berkman Dance Music Arranger
Ira Bernstein General Manager
Eddie Bert Brass
Maurice Bialkin Strings
Whitney Blausen Assistant to Ms. Zipprodt
Ralph Burns Orchestrator
John Campo Woodwinds
Kathryn Doby Dance Captain
Assistant to Mr. Fosse
Cheryl Sue Dolby Press Representative
Jules Fisher Lighting Designer
Al Fishman Strings
Michael Fleming Guitars
Bob Fosse Director/Choreographer
Phil Friedman Production Stage Manager
Sampson Giat Woodwinds
Romaine Green Assistant to Mr. Adler
Joseph Harris General Manager
Abe Jacob Sound Designer
Bernie Karl Percussion
Stanley Koor Percussion
Stanley Lebowsky Musical Director
Ronald Lipscomb Strings
Charles Macey Guitars
Fred Manzella Strings
Maurice Mark Percussion
Al Miller Music Preparation Supervisor
Doug Norris Brass
Stuart Ostrow Producer
Paul Phillips Stage Manager
Mathilde Pincus Music Preparation Supervisor
Seymour Press Woodwinds
Dennis Purcell Assistant to Mr. Jacob
Louise Quick Assistant to Mr. Fosse
Mel Rodnon Music Contractor
Kenny Rupp Brass
Lola Shumlin Stage Manager
Michael Shurtleff Casting Consultant
Nancy Simmons Assistant to the General Managers
Edward Strauss Keyboards
Don Thomas Guitars
Daniel Trimboli Woodwinds
Tony Walton Scenic Designer
Patricia Zipprodt Costume Designer