Children of a Lesser God - Broadway Creative Team

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Mark Medoff Playwright

Production Staff

Mark Medoff Playwright
Steve Reynolds Producer
Dede Ayite Costume Designer
Mike Baldassari Lighting Designer
Sydney Beers Producer
(General Manager, Roundabout Theatre Company)
Sandy Block Associate Producer
Tamar Climan Executive Producer
Nyle DiMarco Producer
Steve Dow Producer
(Chief Administrative Officer, Roundabout Theatre Company)
Craig Haffner Producer
Todd Haimes Producer
(Artistic Director/CEO, Roundabout Theatre Company)
Yasuhiro Kawana Producer
Kenny Leon Director
Julia C. Levy Producer
(Executive Director, Roundabout Theatre Company)
Kate Maguire Producer
(Artistic Director/CEO, Berkshire Theatre Group)
Derek McLane Set Designer
Suzanne Niedland Producer
Paula Reynolds Producer
Rodney Rigby Producer
Philip J. Smith Producer
(Chairman, The Shubert Organization)
RCI Theatricals General Manager
Jhett Tolentino Producer
Robert E. Wankel Producer
(President, The Shubert Organization)
Sherry Wright Producer
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