Perfectly Frank - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Frank Loesser Lyricist
Kenny Solms Conceiver
Shirley Herz Associates General Press Representative
Amos Abrams Casting
Ted Azar Hair Designer
Lani Ball Production Stage Manager
Ken Billington Lighting Designer
T.L. Boston Stage Manager
Robert Brubach Dance Captain
Michael Byers Assistant Stage Manager
Bill Byers Orchestrator
John Falabella Scenery/Costumes
Scenic Designer
Logo Designer
Costume Designer
Soloway / Francis General Manager
Barbara Hanks Assistant to the Choreographer
Fritz Holt Director
Emhan, Inc. Producer
(In Association With)
Joel Kaye Music Contractor
Marvin Laird Assistant Conductor
Ash / LeDonne Advertising
Fred Levinson Producer
Ronald Melrose Dance Music Arranger
Michael O'Rand Company Manager
Lester Osterman Theatre Operator
Gladys Rackmil Producer
Sam Rudy Press Associate
Yolanda Segovia Musical Director
Larry Spurgeon Sound Designer
Tony Stevens Choreographer
Martha Swope Production Photographer
Jay Thompson Production Photographer
Jon Wilner Advertising