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A Bronx Tale - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Chazz Palminteri Playwright
W. Benjamin Heller II Production Manager
David Arch Moving Light Programmer
Cassidy J. Briggs Company Manager
Boneau / Bryan-Brown General Press Representative
Richard Carrigan Associate Producer
Christopher Cronin Assistant Sound Designer
Asia Evans Production Manager
Paul Gallo Lighting Designer
John Gaughan Producer
Jackie Green General Press Representative
John Gromada Composer
(Original Music)
Sound Designer
Paul Hackenmueller Assistant Lighting Designer
James Harker Production Stage Manager
John Horsman Production Manager
SPOTCo, Inc. Advertising
Michael Jones (i) Assistant Lighting Designer
Nicole Kastrinos Executive Producer
Joan Marcus Production Photographer
Melissa Mazdra Production Manager
Robert H. Moretti Associate Producer
James Noone Scenic Designer
Gene O'Donovan Production Manager
Trent Othick Producer
Matt Othick Producer
Aurora Productions Production Manager
Go Productions Producer
Stuart Thompson Productions General Manager
Caroline Prugh General Manager
Matt Ross General Press Representative
Thea Bradshaw Scott Stage Manager
Sten Severson Assistant Sound Designer
Patrick Tennant Assistant Scenic Designer
James Triner General Manager
Bethany Weinstein Production Manager
Jerry Zaks Director