Theatre Information

Winter Garden Theatre (London, )
Drury Lane

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Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 Production Information


January 30, 1936

Closing:May 09, 1936
# Performances:115
Theatres: Winter Garden Theatre (London, )
1/30/1936 - 5/10/1936

Winter Garden Theatre (Broadway) (New York, NY)
1/30/1936 - 5/9/1936

Production Type:Original Production
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run


Other Productions of Ziegfeld Follies of 1936

1936   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1936   Broadway Return Engagement [Broadway]
1999   Off-Broadway Encores! Concert


Audio Recordings

1999  New York Concert Cast

Show Information


Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Time Marches On
He Hasn't a Thing Except Me
Island in the West Indies
The Economic Situation
a.k.a. Aren't You Wonderful
Sentimental Weather
Words Without Music
Modernistic Moe
I Can't Get Started
Midnight Blue
Harlem Waltz
You Don't Love Right
Riding the Rails
My Red-Letter Day
Fancy, Fancy
The Gozooka
That Moment of Moments
Five A.M.
Dancing to Our Score
The Sweepstakes Ticket
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Spot
Baby Snooks
Major Bones Talent Search


Please Send My Daddy Back Home
Does a Duck Love the Water?
I'm Sharing My Wealth
Wishing Tree of Harlem
Why Save for That Rainy Day?
Hot Number
The Last of the Cabbies
The Ballad of Baby Face McGinty
Sunday Tan
It's a Different World
Save Your Yesses
The Knife-Thrower's Wife
I Used to Be Above Love