Theatre Information

Adelphi Theatre (London, )
409-412 Strand
London, WC2R ONS

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Show Boat Production Information


January 01, 1971

Opening Info:unknown
# Performances:909
Theatres: Adelphi Theatre (London, )
1/1/1971 - ?

Production Type:Revival
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run
Market:West End
Version:1971 London Revival


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Audio Recordings

1928  Original London Cast
1932  Studio Cast
1936  Film Soundtrack
c. 1945  Studio Cast
1946  Broadway Cast
1949 (i)  Studio Cast
1949 (ii)  Studio Cast
1951  Film Soundtrack
1951 (i)  Studio Cast
1951 (ii)  Studio Cast
1953  Studio Cast
1956  Studio Cast
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1959  Studio Cast
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1960s (i)  Compilation
1960s (ii)  Compilation
1961  Studio Cast
1962  Studio Cast
1963  Studio Cast
1966  Lincoln Center Cast
1971  London Revival Cast
1971  Studio Cast
1988  Studio Cast
1993  Toronto Revival Cast
1993 (i)  Studio Cast
1993 (ii)  Studio Cast
unknown (ii)  Studio Cast

Radio Productions

1950 Radio Cast

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical


  • Showboat (alternate title)

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Cotton Blossom
Cap'n Andy's Ballyhoo
a.k.a. Parade and Ballyhoo
a.k.a. Show Boat Parade and Ballyhoo
Where's the Mate for Me?
a.k.a. Who Cares If My Boat Goes Upstream?
Make Believe
a.k.a. Only Make Believe
Ol' Man River
a.k.a. Old Man River
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
Life on the Wicked Stage
a.k.a. Life Upon the Wicked Stage
Till Good Luck Comes My Way
I Might Fall Back on You
C'mon, Folks
a.k.a. Queenie's Ballyhoo
a.k.a. Ballyhoo
You Are Love
Finale Act One
a.k.a. Finale Act One: The Wedding Celebration
At the Fair
a.k.a. When We Tell Them All About It
Adagio Dance
Dandies on Parade
a.k.a. The Sports of Gay Chicago
Why Do I Love You?
In Dahomey
Service and Scene Music
Apache Dance
Goodbye, Ma Lady Love
a.k.a. Goodbye, My Lady Love
After the Ball
Hey, Feller
Eccentric Dance
Kimís Imitations
a.k.a. Imitation of her Mother and Stars of the 1920s
Tap Dance

Cut prior to Broadway

Musical Scena
a.k.a. Pantry Scene
Miseryís Cominí Arouní
I Would Like to Play a Lover's Part
Be Happy, Too
Cheer Up
My Girl
Trocadero Ballet
Coal Black Lady
Bully Song
Hello, Ma Baby
a.k.a. Hello, My Baby
It's Getting Hotter in the North
a.k.a. No Mason-Dixon Line


Trocadero Opening Chorus
Harmonica Number
Box Office Scene
Yes, Ma'am
A Pack of Cards
The Creole Love Song
Out There in an Orchard
Party Song
Show Boat Song

Added to the London production

How'd You Like to Spoon with Me?
Dance Away the Night
Me and My Boss

Written for the 1929 film version

The Lonesome Road
Down South
Love Sings a Song in My Heart
Here Comes the Showboat

Added to the 1929 film version

All God's Children Got Wings
a.k.a. All God's Chillun Got Shoes
a.k.a. I've Got Shoes
a.k.a. I Got Shoes
a.k.a. I Gotta Shoe
Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho
a.k.a. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
a.k.a. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
Deep River
Coon, Coon, Coon

Written for the 1936 film version

I Have the Room Above Her
Gallivantin' Around
Ah Still Suits Me
a.k.a. I Still Suits Me
Got My Eye on You
Negro Peanut Vender's Street Cry

Added to the 1936 film version

An Old-Fashioned Wife

Written for the 1946 revival

No Gems, No Roses, No Gentlemen
No Shoes
Congress of Beauties
Avenue "A" Release
Nobody Else But Me
Dance 1927

Added to the 1951 film version

Auld Lang Syne

Cut from the 1951 film version

Why Was I Born?

Added to the 1994 revival

Alma Redemptoris Mater
Kimís Charleston