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Vigil - 2009 - Off-Broadway


A dark comedy about death, dying and other funny stuff, Vigil is "hilarious, quirky, and heartfelt", raves Variety. Childhood was anything but normal for Kemp, as he successfully avoided all family contact for 30 years. That is, until the day he was guilted into taking care of his dying aunt. Now Kemp impatiently waits for the death of his bedridden aunt, attempting to fill in the time with recollections of his peculiar childhood along with playful musings on mortality. The New York Times calls the play "a gem! Vigil is a happy mix of genres."


DR2 Theatre

(New York, NY)
103 E. 15th St.
by Kristin Salaky - October 2, 2009
There's very little I can recommend from Vigil, Morris Panych's two-person play which I'll assume was meant to be darkly humorous and quirky, but ends up a rather dreary and frequently ugly ninety-five minute affair.