Tricks The Devil Taught Me


Tricks the Devil Taught Me is a contemporary drama set in the fiery confines of West Texas. Don and Betty have been married for twenty-two years, almost exactly as long as they have had their son, Jeremy. But there is whispering behind closed doors, and the once invisible imperfections begin to poison the air. Right and wrong are swept up in a whirlwind of lies, hope, and haunting memories. Perfume of whiskey sweetens the smell of prayer as the supporting cast reaches for their own version of salvation. Will the faithful be saved? Or have they run out of time? The plan has already been set in motion. Judgment is coming.


Minetta Lane Theatre

(New York, NY)
16 Minetta Lane
by Ben Peltz - August 19, 2011
There isn't much to say about playwright/director Tony Georges' muddy drama of a dysfunctional East Texas marriage, Tricks The Devil Taught Me, except that what seems like a perfectly capable company of actors and designers have found themselves employed in the service of a play that is simply nowhere near ready to be seen.