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Sayonara - 2015 - Off-Broadway


A classic, romantic musical about the power of love to overcome the conflict between two clashing cultures. Also envisioned as an Academy Award winning movie starring Marlon Brando, Sayonara the musical follows Lloyd "Ace" Gruver, a US military fighter pilot stationed in post-WWII Japan who is beginning to question his military destiny. When he falls in love with the beautiful Hana-Ogi, a star performer in the Takarazuka dance troupe, compassion and love heal prejudice despite the inevitable collision of two disparate worlds.


Running Time: Two hours, with one intermissions

Clurman Theater

(New York, NY)
410 West 42nd Street


by BroadwayWorld TV - July 24, 2015
Below, watch as Jennifer Piacenti, Morgan McCann, Edward Tolve and Yi Han Chang perform songs from Sayonara.