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Promenade - 2019 - Off-Broadway Tickets, News, Info & More

Escape into the absurdly funny world of Promenade where two fugitives, known only as 105 and 106, navigate the world of haves and have-nots while on the run from the law. A zany anti-adventure written by the "mother of avant-garde theater," Maria Irene Fornes, and featuring an eclectic musical blend by Al Carmines, Promenade promises lighthearted fun while exposing the ever-present chasm between the rich and the poor.


Run Type: Limited Run
Market: Off-Broadway
Previews: July 10, 2019
Closing: July 11, 2019

City Center

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About the Theatre  

131 W. 55th St.
New York,NY

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by BroadwayWorld TV - July 5, 2019
While the cast was in rehearsals, they stopped to play a little game that we like to call Synopsis Showdown! Watch as they find the words to tell us more about the almost forgotten musical!
by TV - Press Previews - July 3, 2019
Next up in the Encores! Off-Center season is Promenade (July 10 & 11) as part of New York City Center's 75th Anniversary Season. The cast is in rehearsals and gave us a special sneak peek! Go behind the scenes with the whole company below!

Promenade Frequently Asked Questions

What productions of Promenade have there been?
Promenade has had 2 productions including Off-Broadway which opened in 1969 and Off-Broadway which opened in 2019.

What is the songs are in Promenade and what's the order?
Promenade Theme
Dig, Dig, Dig
Unrequited Love
Isn't That Clear?
Don't Eat It
Chicken Is He
A Flower
Rosita Rodriguez
Apres Vous
The Moment Has Passed
Thank You
The Clothes Make the Man
The Cigarette Song
Two Little Angels
The Passing of Time
Capricious and Fickle
Crown Me
Mr. Phelps
Spring Beauties
A Poor Man
Why Not?
The Finger Song
Little Fool
The Laughing Song
A Mother's Love
Listen, I Feel
I Saw a Man
All Is Well in the City

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@nycitycenter 03/14/2023 05:37pm

If one person can beat a drum, And one person can blow a horn, If one person can hold a torch, Then one person can change the world!

@nycitycenter 03/14/2023 02:44pm

Performances begin tomorrow! Tickets from $35. #CityCenterEncores

@nycitycenter 03/14/2023 01:50pm

Hear insights from choreographer David Dawson on his work with The National Ballet of Canada, setting this “maratho…

@nycitycenter 03/13/2023 06:42pm

"That, of course, is what New York City Center’s Encores! specializes in: brief revivals of Broadway rarities, gran…

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Keep your courage up, dear world. ❤️? Phillip Johnson Richardson (Julian), the 28-piece Encores! Orchestra, and the…

@nycitycenter 03/12/2023 05:09pm

The cast of DEAR WORLD rehearses “One Person” with the Encores! Orchestra at the sitzprobe. Performances begin Wedn…

@nycitycenter 03/10/2023 04:47pm

Join us on Instagram for a takeover with Kody Jauron at our sitzprobe! #CityCenterEncores

@nycitycenter 03/10/2023 11:32am

Samantha Williams rehearses the lovely ballad “I’ve Never Said I Love You.” As the naïve café waitress Nina, Willia…

@nycitycenter 03/10/2023 11:26am

Much love to our fearless Donna Murphy; we’re glad you’re back. ❤️

@nycitycenter 03/09/2023 02:35pm

Us when we get caught in a spontaneous rehearsal moment: